Self-Publishing services for printed, electronic and audio books

Self-publishing with CinnamonTeal means having the support and guidance of a dedicated, professional and experienced publishing team. Established in 2007, we pioneered self-publishing in India.

Printed Books

In the business of providing publishing services since 2007, we bring along our vast experience and our in-depth knowledge of book publishing. Together with print-on-demand, and the rigour we apply to the editing, design and development processes, we can make sure your book stands out in a crowded market.

Electronic Books

Our electronic books (e-books), available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats, are crafted carefully to both, mirror the printed version to the extent possible, as also to exploit the potential of the electronic medium. As with printed books, our large distribution network will ensure your e-books are available world wide. And, yes, we provide audio book services too.

Our Services

We have put together a comprehensive menu of services so you can pick and choose those that will best serve the interests of your book.

CinnamonTeal Elite

The CinnamonTeal Elite programme is a joint publishing programme we have initiated for books of selected genres. To know more, click on the button or email us at

The Publishing Process

We publish only a few, carefully chosen, books each year, so that we can focus all our attention on them. We are a small publishing house, with many years of experience to back us, affording our authors the best there is on offer.


Contact us for information on costs, time estimates and distribution options.

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Choose your preferred services, and pay only for those. No costly packages.

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Stay informed as your book is readied for print and distribution.

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Make your book available globally through our wide network of retailers.

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Marketing and Distribution

Our digital marketing and distribution packages are tailored to your budget. Our retailer network, that includes Amazon™, Kobo™, Flipkart™, and many other distributors, some of which are listed below, caters to the sale and distribution of both printed and electronic books across countries in all continents.

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What our happy customers say
“My grateful thanks to everyone at Cinnamon Teal, for their wholehearted support, professional guidance and attention to detail in the preparation of my book, ‘Happy Valley Daze’, – truly everything a foreigner and ‘first timer,’ like me, could ask for. “It has been a pleasure to work with the team and I have no hesitation in recommending CT to anyone out there who is getting ready to publish their next best seller!”

Peter Judd

Happy Valley Daze

“Encounters” is my second engagement with this team, and the experience has only gotten better – there is the same dedication and commitment, but with additional bonuses!"...Above all, there is transparency in every process, and great attention to detail. They are truly bridging the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing – they’ve proved readers can still access great quality books which do not come under the purview of traditional publishing.

Sumana Khan

Encounters – Someone’s Always Waiting...

“It has been a rewarding working relationship with CinnamonTeal Publishing in the production of my book Elephant Tales From Hara Hara. They are extremely professional, prompt in response, and dedicated to the cause of book publishing, like for it’s own sake so to say; not focused on the material aspects beyond acceptable and reasonable limits. I look forward to working with them on my future endeavours too.”

Simren Kaur

Elephant Tales from Hara Hara