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New Releases

ISBN: 9789384129828 Pages: 118 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129804 Pages: 184 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129613 Pages: 363 Paperback
ISBN: 9789383175970 Pages: 154 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129736 Pages: 140 Paperback
ISBN: 9789383175338 Pages: 122 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129606 Pages: 116 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129767 Pages: 146 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129002 Pages : 278 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129545 Pages: 140 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129651 Pages: 208 Paperback
ISBN: 9789384129699 Pages: 312 Paperback

Our Philosophy

We are driven by our passion for the book. We ourselves spend almost all our free time first choosing a good book and then reading it, because we believe that, to quote Stephen King, "books are a uniquely portable magic." This passion also defines what we do. The original idea behind CinnamonTeal hasn't quite changed since we began providing self-publishing services way back in 2007 (and practically introduced "managed" self-publishing in India) - we remain committed to partnering with authors and publishing good books. Books that are splendid to behold and a pleasure to read.

We believe that a book should express what the author wishes to say in a coherent and lucid manner that can be understood by the reader. We are also of the view that the text should be presented properly - nicely formatted, and with a good cover. We believe in the ability of a book to transport the reader to some place tranquil as also in its ability to challenge the reader with the questions it poses. A book that delivers on these counts would have served its purpose and enlightened its reader. At CinnamonTeal Publishing, we are committed to the development of such a book.[Read more]

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