From within: Reflections on India’s Army
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Genre: Politics and Current Affairs
Tags: Ali Ahmed, Indian Army
Publisher: CinnamonTeal Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9789386301260
About the Book

The book comprises unpublished writings of Ali Ahmed from his time in uniform. The author served in the Indian army for two decades. His reflections in the period that did not make it into print have been compiled into this volume. The commentaries here supplement his other book that contains his published writings of the period, On India’s military: Writings from within (CinnamonTeal 2017). The essays are carried unedited to retain the flavor of the times and conditions in which they were written. It has historical value in providing a snapshot of the concerns that animated the army intellectually in the period at the turn of the century. The observations and insights would be useful for both practitioners and scholars in military studies.

About the Author

Ali Ahmed is author of India’s Doctrine Puzzle: Limiting War in South Asia (Routledge 2014). He has three self-published compilations of his commentaries, articles and essays on national security and military affairs and one comprising his unpublished work. These are respectively On War in South Asia (2015), On Peace in South Asia (2015) and On India’s military: Writings from within (2017) and From Within: Reflections on India’s army (2017) (all CinnamonTeal). He blogs at He has been variously an infantry officer, a scholar and an international civil servant. His interests include strategic and peace studies.