Can the book be changed after the first copy is printed?

Yes, the contents of a book can be changed subject to certain conditions. Simply send us the new manuscript and indicate that it should be used for further prints. However, please note that we are not responsible for maintaining earlier versions of the manuscript.

In fact print-on-demand allows you to change your manuscript for each successive reprint. Many authors have used this to their advantage by incorporating user suggestions into their manuscript or by mentioning book reviews on the back cover.

However, please note that a significant change in the content of the book might warrant a change in the ISBN. This option of “changing” must therefore be used with discretion and only to customise a copy for the user.

If the changes that you request must be made to an already finalized manuscript, appropriate charges will be applied. We therefore request you to view a copy of the book before you decide to list the book for circulation. It would be even better if you reviewed the edited manuscript thoroughly and made all the necessary changes before the book is laid out (type set). Similarly, ensure that the cover is up to mark and that all text on the cover is properly edited. This can be checked when the final version of the cover is submitted to you for review.