What is the process to get my book published?

The process works thus:

a. Before the process commences, we will send you an author’s contract that you are required to print, sign and send back. The contract is a legal document mentioning various terms and conditions. Please note that we prefer you begin this process only after you are satisfied that you have completed the book.

b. The next step is to have the manuscript thoroughly edited. You must provide your text for publishing after at least one round of editing. You could choose to have your book edited yourself or avail of our editorial services

c. Once your manuscript is edited, you have to get your cover designed. Again, you can have the cover designed yourself or engage our cover design services. If an ISBN is issued to you, it must be included on the copyright(imprint) page of your book and a barcode must be added to the back cover.

d. The interior of the book must then be designed. This involves the appropriate selection of font, margins and paragraph settinsg besides the formatting of the header, footer, the imprint page and the table of contents.

e. Once the manuscript and cover are both ready in pdf format, your book is ready to be printed. Your book will be available within ten days of ordering and payment.

f. Further you may choose to develop your book as an e-book. We provide e-book conversion to EPUB, MOBI AND PDF formats.

f. Similarly, we provide distribution services for both, printed and electronic formats of your book.

If you do not avail of our pre-publishing services such as editing or cover design, there are no payments that need be done except when the copies of the printed book are ordered. Please note that we do not issue an ISBN unless we are involved in the editing and design processes. In such cases, we only provide the requested services.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT it is important to begin the publishing process only after you are satisfied that the text of the book is completed except for changes that may be suggested by the editor later. Adding text to the book after the publishing process has begun leads to unnecessary delays and complications with various versions. Such a situation is best avoided. We cannot emphasize this enough.