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We do not provide packages. Here’s why. We recognize that each book is unique, with characteristics of plot and presentation that are different from any other book. We therefore prefer to approach its development differently each time, after understanding the needs of the author and the vision the author has for the book. Unlike other service providers that have adopted a one-size-fits-all approach by offering package-based solutions, we prefer to work with the author to develop the book in a unique manner, based on the author’s specific needs. As an author, therefore, you are free to choose how your book you will be developed. That means, you will only choose those services that will apply to your book (and none of the other bells and whistles that you will not need). You will be charged based on only those services and nothing else. No set-up fees, no annual charges, no percentage of your royalty, nothing. Just the charges for each service you choose. We can almost guarantee you will spend lesser this way.
We have listed our entire repertoire of services. Go ahead, read about each, and let us know what you would like for your book. Pre-publishing services (services required before the book is available in printed or electronic form):
  1. Manuscript preparation
  2. Editing (copy editing or substantive editing)
  3. Image preparation
  4. Illustrations, for use inside the book, or for the cover
  5. Scanning, for photographs to be placed inside the book
  6. Page layout (interior page design, or typesetting)
  7. Cover Design
  8. Indexing
  9. Translation
  10. Typing of, and preparation of, manuscripts in Indian languages
  11. ISBN allocation
  12. Proof reading
Post-publishing services (services related to the printing and post-printing operations):
  1. Bulk printing or printing on demand
  2. E-book development (in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats)
  3. Audio-book development
  4. Distribution (for both printed books and electronic books)
  5. Marketing services
For more details, email us with your queries at [email protected]
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