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CinnamonTeal enters into a non-exclusive agreement with every author and that means you can terminate the services of CinnamonTeal and engage with another publisher at any time. However, you need to give an advance notice of at least a month so that the book is not listed for sale on, or on any other platform through CinnamonTeal. This de-listing is done to avoid any confusion and legal issues that may arise out of the same book being available for sale, but with different ISBNs and from different publishers.

If CinnamonTeal has issued the ISBN for your book, this ISBN ‘belongs’ to CinnamonTeal and cannot be used on a book published by another publisher. We will therefore insist that the new publisher issue you another ISBN. Most publishers are aware of this requirement and will themselves ensure that the book has a new ISBN.

Consequent to termination of service, CinnamonTeal is under no obligation to retain the manuscript files.

It is not advisable to have the book published by two publishers at the same time. It is also generally not advisable to have different formats of the same book published by two different publishers e.g. the paperback by one publisher and the ebook by another.