How does CinnamonTeal ensure the quality of its publications?

While deciding to publish a book, CinnamonTeal does not consider the “market worthiness” of the book i.e. whether or not the book will sell well in the market. This is, in fact, a major differentiating factor when compared to most other publishers. CinnamonTeal does, however, insist that a certain quality of writing be maintained. We recommend, at a minimum, a round of copy editing prior to typesetting. Further, we also insist that certain standards of typesetting and cover design should be applied to the book.

Note that while CinnamonTeal provides copy editing and typesetting services, the author is not bound to avail of them and may choose to have the book edited and type set elsewhere. In such a case, we will provide you with guidelines so that the edited/typeset book conforms to our requirements. In many cases, the author has insisted on certain design elements in the book (that do not match the aesthetic tastes of CinnamonTeal)and sometimes has even refused to have the book edited. In such cases, CinnamonTeal has only provided the requested publishing services but has not published the book itself i.e. it has not issued a CinnamonTeal ISBN, and has advised the author on how to apply for an ISBN herself/himself.