What are the expenses I will incur?

Your expenditures will happen primarily for three reasons:

a. You will only have to pay for the services you “buy”. These are services related to editing, design and marketing the book, and are optional. There are no other charges or publishing packages you are forced to purchase. For more on costs of self-publish, visit this page or our blog on the subject.

b. Because of the way the service is structured, we are unable to accept returns. Retailers understand this peculiar situation and may be reluctant to stock your books. We therefore ask you to buy a few copies of your own book so that they can be reviewed or kept with retailers. Similarly, if retailers choose to stock your book, you will have to pay for the copies up front. This is an additional cost you will have to bear. Of course, you will be able to avail of author discounts when you order prints of your own books. The final decision on how many copies to print, however, remains with you.

If CinnamonTeal issues you an ISBN, you have to pay for 5 copies that must be necessarily submitted to the National Libraries. While CinnamonTeal prepares the necessary paperwork for this purpose, you will be expected to pay for the printing and shipment of the books.