What is an ISBN and how do I get one?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a universal code that publishers and booksellers use to identify and order books the world over. In India, ISBNs are provided free of cost. You can obtain one from the issuing agency in India.

We will issue your book an ISBN after we are satisfied with the editorial quality of the book and its presentation. However, if we are not involved with the development of the book i.e. with its production and design, we will not issue the book an ISBN. For such books, however, our print-on-demand services are available and we can print and deliver as per the needs of the author. CinnamonTeal also provides you an ISBN barcode that can be added to the back cover of the book.

Having an ISBN is not necessary if your book is for personal use or for circulation within a limited group of people. It is required if you wish to sell your book in bookstores, whether online or offline, or in any other retail outlet. Each version of a book — whether paperback or hardcover, first or second edition — must have a different ISBN. A unique ISBN distinguishes between different versions of a book, helping customers ensure that they get the book they want.

For more information about ISBNs, visit our blog entry on the subject.