What is Print-On-Demand? And how does self-publishing fit in?

Put simply, Print-on-Demand (often referred to simply as POD) is a technology that allows books and publications to be printed in very small quantities, even one book at a time. While authors who self-publish prefer POD as a way to limit investments and yet make their books available, publishers use POD for galley (advanced review) copies, to keep older titles (back lists) in print, and to experiment with new titles.

Self-publishing refers to the publication of a book (or any other media) by the author of the book, without the involvement of a third-party publisher. The author bears the expenses involved in the process – those related to editing, cover design, typesetting and printing and other allied services.

At CinnamonTeal, while we provide self-publishing services, we use POD in addition to bulk printing, depending on the needs of the customer. That means, while the author decides the form the book will take, we provide the services that the author needs to get the book published. We do not provide package-based services, just the services that the author needs. During this process, should the author need printed copies of the book, we will use POD technology (for small quantities) and buk printing (for large quantities) to provide the required number of copies.