“I have worked with CinnamonTeal to help bring my written work to the reading public. They have put out four of my books, consolidating my work in peace, security and strategic studies. In effect CinnamonTeal has helped bring the liberal perspective on security to the forefront. They have helped with editing, tidying up the format, arranging the commentaries in a logical order, sizing up the pages, placing the ISBN number and making the books accessible to the attentive reader. I have enjoyed working with them, buoyed by their professionalism and good cheer. I look forward to keeping up our engagement and recommend their assistance for authors looking for a wider audience for their work.”

Ali Ahmed, Author of ‘On Peace In South Asia’, ‘On War In South Asia’, ‘India’s National Security In The Liberal Lens’, ‘On India’s Military: Writings From Within’ and ‘From Within: Reflections On India’s Army’

Testimonials - image 9781882853274 on https://cinnamonteal.in

“My grateful thanks to everyone at Cinnamon Teal, for their wholehearted support, professional guidance and attention to detail in the preparation of my book, ‘Happy Valley Daze’, – truly everything a foreigner and ‘first timer,’ like me, could ask for.
“It has been a pleasure to work with the team and I have no hesitation in recommending CT to anyone out there who is getting ready to publish their next best seller!”

Peter Judd, Author of ‘Happy Valley Daze’


“Kiwi Books offers a unique platform to budding and established authors to self-publish their work in an easy, effortless manner through the comfort of their homes. For me, a first-timer in publishing, the experience was totally hassle-free. The staff is courteous, and replies to each and every query one has, quite meticulously. The process is transparent and straightforward. The workflow is smooth and punctual. The publishers use their expertise quite diligently, but at the same time, author inputs are also taken into account quite seriously and all efforts made to make the final product as close as possible to the author’s expectations.
It was a pleasure publishing my work through this medium. Although aspects like proper marketing and distribution of the book, processing of the royalty amount and other similar aspects are yet to be seen in the near future, I am confident that the publishers shall maintain their high standards here too. I do look forward to publish more through this medium in the future.”

Kushal Narang, Author of ‘The Innocent Years’

I appreciate the accuracy and timely delivering service by Cinnamonteal Publishing services.

Ajatshatru Parmar, Author of ‘The God in Peril’


“The proceedings book for the Episteme 6 conference was published by CinnamonTeal, and it was a pleasure working with their team. Even though the agreement was that we would provide a final printout suitable for publication, we were unable to get all the formatting in order by the deadline. The CinnamonTeal team went out of their way to get the files in order and coordinated closely with me to get the Proceedings ready by the conference deadline. All the missing formatting was done, the print quality was superb, and the shipment reached well in time. I should also mention that the procurement process was handled very professionally as well. I look forward to working with CinnamonTeal in the future, and highly recommend their services.”

Dr. Sanjay Chandrasekharan,
Co-Convener, Episteme 6,
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education,
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
Mumbai, India


“Anyone wanting to publish online is usually in a quandary. The problem is all the more critical for the first time writers. One does not know the technical details that govern the process of online publishing. I was in that quandary when I decided to publish my novel myself. However, I was guided by social media and press reports that somehow pointed to CinnamonTeal. I am happy to say that the choice turned out to be a correct one.
For any first time writer, the key input is a good and unbiased guidance. This is precisely what have received from CinnamonTeal. They have proffered excellent advice even when they could have made more money by advising me otherwise. In addition their technical skills, whether editorial services, or their cover design or their printing quality, have enabled me to launch my first novel ‘The Multitudes of Ripples’.
“It is my sincere advice to anyone wishing to publish online that CinnamonTeal provides a portamento of services of very high quality.”

Vaachakmitra, Author of ‘The Multitudes of Ripples’


“I’ve had a long association with CinnamonTeal, ever since I published the first edition of Kaivalya with them. The team’s dedication and commitment to quality at every stage was outstanding. “Encounters” is my second engagement with this team, and the experience has only gotten better – there is the same dedication and commitment, but with additional bonuses! They have streamlined their processes and expanded their service offerings, from professional editing to distribution. As always, their book cover design was impeccable. The editing service was superb and their distribution channels are impressive. Above all, there is transparency in every process, and great attention to detail. They are truly bridging the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing – they’ve proved readers can still access great quality books which do not come under the purview of traditional publishing. Wishing CinnamontTeal more power and success!”

Sumana Khan, Author of ‘Encounters – Someone’s Always Waiting …’


It has been a beautiful enriching journey with Cinnamon Teal! Highly professional and prompt in their dealings they also hold something uniquely their own , which is their innate ability to creatively enhance the work we present to them. Gayathri- Women Stalwarts in Carnatic Music wouldn’t have been possible if not for their consistent unwavering support. From the cover page, to the sketches to the copy editing , everything was taken care of with utmost care and diligence. The most heartening aspect was that they thoroughly understood the soul of my book and was ever willing to look into each and requirement of mine. This book was my dream, it was almost as if you are giving birth all over again. Any mother would want their child to be taken care of and that’s just what Cinnamon Teal did for me. They nurtured and helped me in moulding my dream perfectly with finesse. Thank you so much Wileen and Queenie who were there for me throughout this journey! God Bless! I definitely wouldn’t think twice about associating with them again! Regarding Cinnamon Teal I have understood that printing and publishing for an aspiring writer is not just a routine process for them. They take the effort to make the journey and the outcome more special for us writers and truly understand the spirit behind the initiative!

Sajna Vinish, Author of ‘Gayathri- Women Stalwarts in Carnatic Music’

One of the great pleasures of my life is in coming in contact with Mr Leonard Fernandes of CinnamonTeal Publishing, a private firm that facilitates young and aspiring writers to self-publish their works. When I first contacted him over e-mail in 2010, I was pleasantly surprised at his quick and positive response. My first self–published novel, The Cloudburst came out thanks to his unflinching support and his most amiable team in 2011 originally under the title, Govind Lahari. This novel was brought out quickly and in very good shape at a price that is unbelievably low by the present day standards.
More recently, CinnamonTeal has helped me to bring out my second self-published novel, The Banana and the Peepul Leaf. The novel’s cover design largely fashioned by Ms Queenie Fernandes has been a revelation of the good taste that the publishing house has in abundant measure. I am highly impressed by the editorial team of the publishing firm. The team goes through the manuscript, gives suggestions in the consistency of the narrative and the style of writing. I was greatly benefited by the suggestions. I was happy at the alert vigil that the entire team has kept at every stage of the production of the novel.
When the novel appeared finally a few days ago, I was joyous for a number of reasons. First the cover design in virtual form looks beautiful. The binding was excellent, the font size and spacing between words and lines were superb. These details are critical, as I know, for the readability of the novel.
No wonder CinnamonTeal is one of the best firms in the country encouraging self-publications and serving the cause of new entrants into the field of writing of both fiction and non-fiction. I wish them Godspeed in all their future endeavors.

Asuri Vasudevan


“It has been a rewarding working relationship with CinnamonTeal Publishing in the production of my book Elephant Tales From Hara Hara. They are extremely professional, prompt in response, and dedicated to the cause of book publishing, like for it’s own sake so to say; not focused on the material aspects beyond acceptable and reasonable limits. I look forward to working with them on my future endeavours too.”

Simren Kaur, Author of ‘Elephant Tales from Hara Hara’


“It was a delightful experience working with Cinnamon Teal to get the international hard cover edition of my book published. Cinnamon Teal answered all my queries to my entire satisfaction. Mention must be made of the prompt replies. Quality of the printed book also deserves much praise.”

Shakthi Kannan, Author of ‘i want 2 do project. tell me wat 2 do.’
(This book is published by the author. CinnamonTeal is providing printing and distribution support for the international edition)

I have had the most wonderful experience of working with CinnamonTeal Publishing House. Having already published my book in the USA, I was interested in getting it published in India for the Indian market. My Internet search led me to several Indian publishing companies. After a careful review of the information provided on their web pages, I decided to go with CinnamonTeal. The information on their webpage was extremely user-friendly and comprehensive. It covered almost every aspect of publishing a book from start to finish and addressed almost all issues new authors would have to be aware of in getting their books published.
I wrote to CinnamonTeal expressing my interest in having them publish my book, Against All Odds: How an Indian Airman’s Extraordinary Resolve Altered the Course of His Life. I received an immediate response that addressed all of my questions to my satisfaction. I was impressed by their professionalism and decided to go with them. Being located in the USA and dealing with an Indian publisher from a very long distance initially created some concerns in my mind which CinnamonTeal quickly dispelled. Now that my book has been published within three months of my initial contact, I can say that I made the right decision as CinnamonTeal lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The finished book looks as good as the one published in the United States.

I would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend CinnamonTeal Publishing to any author seeking a publisher for the Indian market.

Dr. Ram L. Chugh, Ph.D.


“I am impressed by the availability of all services under one roof at CinnamonTeal, its zeal to bring out high quality books and its constant efforts to keep abreast of technological advances in the publishing industry.”

Subbaram Danda, Freelance journalist, blogger and author of ‘Marvels Very Majestic’, ‘The Heights Of Humour’ and ‘The Rustles of Pleasure’


“I am an author in the U.S. I have worked with many other print-on-demand publishers in the U.S. and India. I am very pleased with CinnamonTeal Publishing’s prompt and excellent service. It is good to have a publisher on whom we can rely. I will use them again.”

Reverend Dr. Albert Gani, author of “Create Your Own Reality,” Austin, Texas USA



“CinnamonTeal is made up of a team of professionals! My only reservation was when things slowed down for a while, but later picked up again satisfactorily. Everything one is warned against when entering into a business deal with an Indian company they have proved to be false. CinnamonTeal has integrity – they deliver what they promise…”

K. Ahuja, Author of ‘Freedom Fear and Fortune’



“I am very impressed and thankful to CinnamonTeal Publishing for the ethical and professional attitude with which they have handled the publication and marketing of my book. They are very easy going and comfortable to work with. They have done an awesome job with my book with quality paper and clean printing.”

Indira Rao, Author of ‘Money!Moneyy!Moneyyy!’



“I received the books!
They were perfect, beautiful … Better than I expected!
You and the whole team CinnamonTeal Publishing are to be congratulated!
I really appreciate all the care they received and would like to provide the following statement:
“Publishing a book was a dream, and the team CinammonTeal Publishing held my dream. Excellent quality, service, send … Simply the best! Thank you so much for everything.””

Prof. Cassiano Noimann Leal, Author of ‘Opinião Publica’



“It is easy to write a book with a load of technical details but only a good editor can tell if a lay reader would understand it or not. So it was with my first book ‘The Beast of the Dragon’. After this book was rejected by another publisher I approached CinnamonTeal with my effort and with just the initial correspondence, I knew I was dealing with professionals who treated my work with respect and thereafter I trusted their guidance. From valuable inputs on editing the work, giving suggestions that made the work more lucid for the reader and giving an awesome cover design, was all their valuable effort. The finished product is world class. I especially thank Queenie for being so patient in answering all my queries. The day I met Queenie and Leonard at the Book Fair in Delhi, in that ten minute meeting I knew I was meeting serious professionals who would work as hard as the author to make sure his efforts get the required public acknowledgement. Thank you CinnamonTeal. I give you full marks for the superb job done on ‘The Beast of the Dragon’. I will recommend you always to any one who would like to write a book and get professional guidance and inputs on how to proceed and be proud of the end result and making a writer’s dream come true.”

Deepak Shergill, Author of ‘The Beast of the Dragon’



“I would give a 4/5 rating. If any of my friends want to self-publish, I would definitely recommend CinnamonTeal. Here are the reasons –

    • The team is extremely honest – which for me, is the most important aspect of any business. Be it in terms of the finances, or being candid about the market scenario, I was always told the truth; there was no confusing, sugar-coated statements, no unreasonable promises, etc.
    • They are very accessible, both on phone as well as on emails. Even though I am not based out of India, because of their accessibility, publishing my book was made very easy.
    • The small team I interacted with were very hardworking. I know that they’ve worked late hours to meet deadlines. Some have stretched beyond their roles to get the book printed. It also helps that Leonard and Queenie are very hands-on and always on top of things. Most heads of organizations dont get into day-to-day operations!
    • They are well networked, and understand the dynamics of publishing in India very well. This helps in setting expectations to new authors like me.
    • They added small creative touches to the book, which enhanced the presentation in a very superb manner. I thought getting the cover design right would be tough, since I could not physically sit with the team. But just a couple of emails, and the design was finalized! I think this is again proof of the amazing creativity of the team!”

Sumana Khan, Author of ‘Kaivalya’



“CinnamonTeal came at a time when I was losing hope in getting my story published. I tried the traditional publishing format but realized that the turnaround time was way longer than I hoped for. Adding to my woes was the loss of control over the way I envisioned my book to turn out. From a handful of POD publishing companies, CinnamonTeal stood out for its personalized service and feedback that clinched it. Right from the cover page design to suggestions on formatting and marketing my book, “Have a Pleasant Journey”, CinnamonTeal has over-delivered in all departments. The way I see it, CinnamonTeal would become the default choice of not only first time writers but established as well.”

Pijush Gupta, Author of ‘Have a Pleasant Journey’



“My journey and experience with CinnamonTeal have been most pleasant. I got my book published by them in record time. They are very prompt and I was astounded by the fact that, if they tell me that something will be done in a couple of days or in three, they would keep to their word, and at times even get it done way before the due date. Looking at my finished and published book now fills my heart with joy and pride. Thanks to the superb team of CinnamonTeal, I am now holding my book in my hand, something I always thought would be just a dream. They did a marvellous job with my book and what they gave me was more than I ever expected. Even the quality of the book is very impressive. I did not know that such a good thing as CinnamonTeal even existed in India. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that their services are world-class.

They really make authors like me proud. The next time I want to publish a book, I know where to go. And for anybody who wants to, I strongly recommend CinnamonTeal. Hats off to the entire team of CinnamonTeal! These guys are simply awesome!”

Marchelang Pasi, Author of ‘AND-A New Dawn’


“The illustrators of CinnamonTeal did a great job in enhancing two of our new MCBs – Mobile Children’s Books – for the iPhone with lively and colorful illustrations exactly in the special format we require. The cooperation was very professional and friendly and we say thank you for the partnership.”

Kirstin Hofkens, Mobile Children’s Books


“We at IARC are delighted with the quality of the product (science course books). It is undoubtedly of international standard. The process is hassle-free and above all customized. The relationship has been fantastic. We recommend these guys wholeheartedly.”

Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya,
Scientist, Indian Astrobiology Research Centre (IARC)



“Cinnamonteal has a business model similar to one US-based company, which seems better for someone who is not yet sure if they will publish 300 or 3 million! Of course, many people — particularly my New York editors — suggested not to go with a self-publishing company and not one based in India.
If you’ve researched, you’ll know you can move on to a traditional publisher at any stage and the Cinnamonteal founders were determined to be established in India, even though they worked and studied in the US. India has one of the best IT infrastructures and its int’l shipping is more reasonable than any of the US or UK companies.
It also turns out that my book is probably [of] better quality than most on the shelves. There are so many undercurrents to a book’s design that you may be unaware of — paper perfect for your content, printing, cover graphics lining up (many do not), number of pages relevant to your reader and so on — that make a book easy to pick up and read. As a writer, I still found it challenging to work out all the guidelines, even though CT’s website makes it clearer than most. I was also in the midst of many projects. CT were quick to give some individual attention and complete the book on deadline. ”

Christine Evans, Author of ‘Bhet Agi Ajivan’



“What makes the print on demand services at CinnamonTeal special is the complete control the author has over the way her or his book is printed. I was glad to see that the finished product was exactly how I envisioned it. The quality of the books are at par (if not better) with any other publisher, in India or abroad.
I have had a wonderful experience working with CinnamonTeal which made the process of publishing a book extremely simple and straightforward.
I whole heartedly recommend them to anybody who has a book to be printed, be it a first timer like me or otherwise.”

Prabhleen Singh, Author of ‘And The Mirror Kissed Back’



“It was a bit of googling that got me to the website of CinnamonTeal; having read about a POD in Goa, I just had to search it online! I read the information given and found the concept very interesting. It was another few weeks before I decided to take up the challenge of writing a book and publishing it too. While I wrote, re-wrote and edited my manuscript, I contacted CinnamonTeal to get more information on the publishing process. All my questions were answered and I knew I didn’t have to look further for a publisher. It was a very simple process to get my book published, and CinnamonTeal provided me with all the necessary information.
When I received the first copy of my book, it was with much trepidation that I opened the package. The minute I saw the first copy, I knew I had chosen a fantastic publisher – the book was really beautiful. It is not just my opinion, but the people who have seen it have commented on the quality of its production.
It is definitely an advantage for me to have been associated with CinnamonTeal for bringing out my first book as they have given me valuable advice on how to go about the whole process of publishing. And now that I’m into the next stage, of marketing the book, I know I can expect a great amount of support from their side.
To the whole team of CinnamonTeal, I appreciate and am thankful for the effort you all have put in to make my book become a reality, and in the shortest time that I gave you. ”

Sumitra Ramachandran, Author of ‘Pachoo’s Story’


On Fri, May 9, 2008 uma wrote (in what could be considered – quiet desperation):I have a manuscript of about 350 odd pages which I would like printed into a paper back book. There are no fancy illustrations or art work. But I want a good print quality. Initially I would need 30 copies. Could you give me a quote on this. Also I would like to know if you can allot an ISBN number.Plus it is important to know the time frame within which you can post the books to me. I reside in Chennai – India and could pay you by cheque or demand draft. Thank you and awaiting your response ASAP
This is how it began – my relationship with Leonard of CinnamonTeal Print and Publishing Services with his prompt response: Dear Uma, Thank you for emailing us. You have indeed come to the right place and we will ensure that you will get the best quality for your book.
On Fri, June 13, 2008 – the said book (all thirty copies of it) was at my door step.
Between May 9th and June 13th there was intense activity as emails went back and forth (I have g-mail so it tells me that I have 100 mails in one long and sustained conversation titled simply and eloquently – Query) between Leonard and me. It starts out formally and then degenerates to the comical and absurd as our friendship grows literally by the hour as he handles every instruction/doubt/frenzy/alarm of mine with his unflappable aplomb. From copy-editing the manuscript to designing the cover it has been one rapid and exhilarating roller-coaster ride. I must tell you that I am an inexperienced nail-biting perfectionist and Leonard an experienced perfectionist with well manicured nails. He has not only been a mine of patience but also the most prompt respondent. By the end it was all I could do not to throw my arms around him in sheer joy. The only problem is that he is in Goa and I am in Chennai. But I am making a trip to Goa just to do that.
If ever – it has been a joy to work with somebody who responds to every heart-beat of yours, who understands the nature of the angst of self-publishing, who is counselor, physician, helpmate, and executor all rolled into one – then that is Leonard of CinnamonTeal. Thank you Leo and bless your enterprise with the abundance it deserves.”

Uma Raman, Author of ‘Dialogues on the End of the Search’