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Organization Work Completed
Central Library, Goa
  • Digitization of an 1897 edition of the biography of Jivbadada Kelkar. The project included scanning of the book, “cleaning” and printing a limited number of copies for circulation.
  • Scanning, cleaning and printing of copies of the 1952 edition of Shantaram Bandelu’s Krista Purana.
  • Scanning, cleaning and printing of copies of the fifth volume of Jardim dos Pastores, a collection of sermons by Miguel de Almeda.
  • Cleaning and printing of archived material related to Codices 771, 772 and 773, texts ascribed to Krishnadas Shama.
Endangered Archives Program, British Library, UK

As the local partner of the primary beneficiary of the EAP grant, Dr. Ananya Chakravarthi, we were responsible for sourcing material for digitization, scanning that material as per prescribed norms, and cataloging and archiving the scanned material.

The project was able to digitise records held by the Seminary of the Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier in Pilar, gaining permission to digitise their manuscript collection as well as significant books relating to the order and to the Church in Goa in their collection. The project was also able to digitise collections from Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr (TSKK), Goenkacharem Diaz, Goa University Library, Pissurlencar Collection, Xavier Center of Historical Research, and the residence of Percival Noronha. Although there was no time or resources to digitise the large collection of early texts held at the Rachol Seminary, the project was able to catalogue them.

The records copied by this project have been catalogued as:

  • EAP636/1 Pilar Seminary Books and Manuscripts
  • EAP636/2 Gomes Catão Papers [19th Century]
  • EAP636/3 Manuscripts and Microfilms
  • EAP636/4 Books and Manuscripts
  • EAP636/5 Books from the library of Xavier Centre of Historical Research
  • EAP636/6 Digital capture of Accession Register

The media that was digitized included books, handwritten manuscripts, unbound papers, newspapers, registers and microfilm.

More details of this project can be found here.

Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Porvorim, Goa We worked for the Centre for an archival project funded by the National Archives of India. The project involved scanning and archival of

  • Newspapers including the O Anglo Lusitano
  • The Mhamai Papers, related to commerce between the Mhamai House and its trading partners, now in possession of the Centre.
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil As the local archival partner, we digitized all copies of the Diario de Goa newspaper (1953 – 1967).