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eBook Development and Distribution

eBook Development and Distribution

eBook development and distribution are an important part of our services. We provide eBook development and distribution services at a cost that is a fraction of those offered elsewhere. These services include development of the eBook in the EPUB format, and distribution through various platforms that cater to a large reader base.

In addition, we work with many publishers and authors to help them decide their “e-strategy”. This means discussing with them the appropriate levels of investment in eBook development so that these investments are easily recouped and potential readers are easily reached. It is important for publishers to realize that all their books might not be ideal for conversion into eBooks. Publishers must therefore examine each title in their list and determine its readership. Depending on the accessibility of its readership to eBook technology, the decision to convert into eBooks must be taken. Books of certain genres should be examined for its suitability for conversion on a case-by-case basis.

Further, after the development of eBooks it is necessary to ensure that a suitable e-commerce platform is available that will facilitate the sale of these digital assets. We, along with our partners, assure the availability of such a platform.

For those who wish to only publish electronically i.e. without having print editions, we have introduced a new service that includes development and distribution of ebooks in EPUB format.

To understand the basics regarding e-books, read this blog post.

For more details, email us at [email protected]. We promise to respond promptly.

How It Works

Files must be submitted in .TXT or .RTF formats. Cover images must be submitted separately in either of .PNG, .JPG, .GIF or .SVG formats. If file is submitted in other formats, such as PDF, larger turnaround times will occur and may require additional inputs.

It is important that your manuscript is finalized and completed before beginning this service. Changes to the manuscript may entail further charges.

Manuscript Length Turnaround Time
Fewer than 40 A4 pages Within 4 days
Between 41-80 A4 pages Within 6 days
More than 80 A4 pages Within 8 days

Tasks within the scope of work include a)Insertion of meta data and b)Tagging and linking of Table of Contents and of footnotes, if present. It does not include editing and proof reading of the manuscript.

Guidelines for Submitting the Manuscript

The manuscript should be submitted in A4 size, with 1in. margin on all sides. The manuscript should be typed in Garamond 12 with a line spacing of “at least” 13 with the required formatting. Alternately, you may submit a copy of the printed book. It is preferred to have the manuscript submitted in a “non-PDF” format, preferably as a non-formatted .doc file. If the e-book must resemble a printed book, a PDF of the printed version may also be submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

For eBook development costs, please contact us by email.

My book is not in English. Can you still provide this service?

Yes, we can provide this service for conversion into the EPUB format. There may however be some constraints on certain aspects such as the fonts used. These will be communicated to you before the conversion process. Contact us for more details.

Does CinnamonTeal use Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies?

We do not use prohibitive DRM technologies and instead rely on Social DRM methods to trace copies that are illegally circulated.

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