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about us.

Established in 2007, CinnamonTeal Design and Publishing (previously, CinnamonTeal Publishing) pioneered self-publishing in India. Over the years we have constantly tweaked our services to match the needs of our authors. Our commitment towards producing a well-edited book, that is meticulously designed, and carefully produced, however, remains unchanged.

Presently our basket of services ensures that your book is not only carefully produced, but also available to readers the world over. This translates into a curated range of services, that are easy to understand (we have listed them for you below) and do not cost you a fortune. Write to us, using the form below, for a finer understanding of what we have on offer.

Our primary focus remains publishing and global distribution of books using the concept of print on demand. This translates into large savings for the author, as investment in printed copies otherwise constitutes the major chunk of publishing costs.

What we Offer.

A brief description of the publishing, distribution and archival services we offer.
Self-publishing Services
Editing, and Page and Cover Design

We will provide you with the best editing and page and cover design services, guaranteed to ensure that your book is well presented. [Check out our Self-Publishing Service]


On-demand printing (Print On Demand) that allows you to print only as many copies as required, and avoid large book printing and storage costs. [Check out our On-Demand Printing Service]

On-Demand Distribution

An extension of on-demand printing, on-demand distribution ensures that your book is available globally across many channels. [Check out our On-Demand Distribution Service]

Digitization and Archival

Our digitization and archival services, as well as digital asset management services ensure that books and texts are preserved and accessed. [Check out our Digitization and Archival Service]

Our Core Strengths.

What we do best is print your book, in response to customer orders, and dispatch it globally.

We are the only self-publishing company in India offering you the unique advantage of print on demand. What that means is you can choose to print only as many copies as are needed, whether for a customer, or for an upcoming book discussion or book launch, or for review, or in anticipation of sales. An average order size is 50 copies, although we can print you just 2 copies each time. What is also means is that you save a lot of money on large print quantities and their storage.


Offered in India exclusively by CinnamonTeal Publishing, this feature allows you to make your book available for sale anywhere in the world. We handle all aspects of the transaction, thus making it easy for customers to buy and read your book without you having to do anything.

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Case Study.

Conference Proceedings for the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education.
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Over the years, among the many kinds of books and manuscripts we have developed, and perfected, are conference proceedings, detailing the discussions and deliberations of conferences in several institutions. Manuscripts like this need careful planning, and their contents need to be properly edited and laid out, so that the tone and tenor of the conference is communicated through the book. We have worked with several organizations, and can work with yours too, providing our full range of publishing services, including our signature ones – print on demand, and global distribution.