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Many Years of Experience

We have provided publishing services since 2006,
the first in India to do so.

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Customer-centric Approach

We do not have one-size-fits-all solutions,
instead our approach is tailored for each book.

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Focus on Quality

Our processes are geared towards
publishing a good book that commands
its own place in the market.

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What we Offer

We offer best-in-class book publishing, graphic design and IT development and support services.


We offer self- and hybrid-publishing services, both for the print and electronic formats. In addition, we provide distribution services for books.

Graphic Design

We can help you design graphics for your print and social media outreach campaigns. We also provide book cover design and in-page illustration services.

Software Development

We provide website development services, in addition to bespoke software development. Services include website and app development, besides web-based application software.

Digitization and Archival

We also provide digitization and archival services, for books, manuscripts and microfilm. We also provide installation and support services for repository software.

About Us

Our journey into the creative arts started with the launch of dogearsetc.com, an online bookshop. In 2007 we launched India’s first self-publishing service,CinnamonTeal Publishing. Having acquired the knowledge and skills for a comprehensive web and graphic design portfolio, CinnamonTeal Design is a result of more than 10 years and countless experiences with satisfied clients. more….

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Print-On-Demand?

Put simply, Print-on-Demand (often referred to simply as POD) is a technology that allows books and publications to be printed in very small quantities, even one book at a time. While authors who self-publish prefer POD as a way to limit investments and yet make their books available, publishers use POD for galley (advanced review) copies, to keep older titles (back lists) in print, and to experiment with new titles..

What Is An ISBN And How Do I Get One?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a universal code that publishers and booksellers use to identify and order books the world over. In India, ISBNs are provided free of cost. You can obtain one from the issuing agency in India.

What Are The Book Sizes You Allow?

We usually have no constraints on the book sizes we can offer. We offer book sizes upto 10×14″ (landscape format). However, it is better if you check with us before you commence conceptualizing your book.


More than a few reasons why you should choose CinnamonTeal Publishing for your publishing requirements.

Print on Demand

Our best-in-class print-on-demand services help you save valuable time and money.

Global Distribution

Make your book available globally using our marketing and distribution services.

Order Management

Save yourself the hassle of fulfilling book orders, while we manage your book sales globally.

Premium Publishing

Draw on our many years of experience to publish a good book, perfect in all aspects.


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Let us know if you have specific queries related to your manuscript. Use the form provided here, or email us at [email protected]. Send us all details about your manuscript, preferably even a small excerpt, so we can provide you answers that are as accurate as possible.

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