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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use POD to sell on Amazon? Can you help?

What you are probably asking is whether we will list your book on Amazon, print a copy when it is sold, and dispatch that copy to the buyer (i.e. whether we will print on demand). Yes, we do that, not just for Amazon but also for Flipkart and The Dogears Bookshop, and other platforms where we list your book.

How does Print-On-Demand offer a better alternative?

Print-on-demand helps authors and small publishers because they can now print books on an as-needed basis instead of printing a large number of books all at once. This also helps small businesses save money, for instance, on printing manuals and reports. Similarly, print-on-demand makes it possible for publishers to offer older books (back lists) without having to print a large number of copies.

For details on how print-on-demand, in particular, and self-publishing, in general, might be of use to you, see which publishing solution may be applicable to you.

Isn’t POD expensive?

POD implies a higher cost per book, but to appreciate POD, a little knowledge of the economics behind it might help.
Imagine you have written a book and have decided to take the self-publishing route i.e. you have decided to publish the book yourself. You get your book edited, lay out your text, design your cover and approach the printers. You see a market for only 100 copies (for argument’s sake) but your printer says you must print a minimum of a thousand copies (they too can’t help it as small quanities are expensive for them too). The cost of each copy is small, say Rs. 40 per book, but having to print a thousand copies means you have to invest a total of Rs. 40,000/- upfront. You are not sure if all the copies will sell but that is a gamble you are forced to take.
Or imagine you choose to work with us at CinnamonTeal Publishing. Your book is made available for sale on a few online bookstores. When a book is sold on these platforms, the book is printed and dispatched to the buyer using the POD option. Because the buyer has already paid for the book, you, the author, do not have to spend on its printing. In this case, the same book that cost Rs. 40 when printed in bulk might cost around Rs. 120/- when just one copy is printed (using POD technology), but because 1000 copies have not been printed, the author has to spend lesser (Rs. 120 instead of Rs. 40,000/-) and not have to worry about shipping and storage costs, or about whether or not the remaining copies will get sold. Similarly, if you wish to have a few copies of your book for yourself, you do the same – order only as many as required. So if you need just 20 copies, assuming the same cost per unit, you pay only Rs. 2400/-.

How does the quality of a book printed on demand compare to that printed via the offset method?

Print-on-demand technology has continually been refined during the past ten years, and book quality has improved tremendously. Print-on-demand books are indistinguishable from other books printed in large quantities using an offset press. CinnamonTeal books feature color covers, clean graphics, and easy-to-read text. While the quality remains the same, print-on-demand methods costs much lesser than an investment in offset printing (when total costs are compared and small quantities are printed).

What if I need more copies printed?

Simply email us and we will have the required number of copies delivered. Please note that all orders will be processed only after they are paid for in full. The amount will be invoiced to you before the order is processed.
In case of third party orders (such as books dispatched to distributors), the books must be paid for in full before they are printed and dispatched.
We also provide bulk printing services.

On CinnamonTeal Publishing

Is CinnamonTeal A Vanity Press?

CinnamonTeal is a provider of services for individuals and institutions that wish to self-publish or require pre-publishing services, not a vanity press.
Vanity presses typically offer many services, all of which are bundled together and must be paid for in advance. Most vanity presses also insist that a certain number of copies must be necessarily purchased by the author. The author is then responsible for the sale of these copies.
CinnamonTeal offers POD (print-on-demand) services, other, allied, pre-publishing services and also a channel to help you to sell your books yourself. We charge only for the services you have availed of, not for a bundle of services that may include those you do not need. There are absolutely no other charges. And you are definitely not required to purchase any minimum number of copies.

Do I Have To Be Represented By An Agent To Work With CinnamonTeal?

No, you don’t. You can approach us directly. Simply email us at contactus@ or editorialservices@ to initiate a conversation.

Do I Lose My Rights If You Issue An ISBN For My Book?

The ISBN saga not withstanding, there is still some confusion over ISBN and its relation to copyright.
The ISBN is a set of numbers that contains certain information, among them a publisher identifier. When a publisher or author is allotted an ISBN, that ISBN can be traced back to that author or publisher. Hence, we, at CinnamonTeal Publishing, make it clear, that as far as a book for which we have issued an ISBN is concerned, we have to be recognized as publishers of that book. Consequently, we also demand that the book be edited and presented properly i.e. we insist on certain guidelines for book and cover design. We also do not allow the book to be printed elsewhere, only so we can control the quality of the printed book.
That has nothing to do with copyright over the content of the book. Our publishing practice is to ALWAYS vest copyright of the content with the author in the case of self-published books. That means the author can move to another publisher, approve or reject use of his/her content in other places, and negotiate other subsidiary rights.
But let me reiterate, this is how it is done at CinnamonTeal Publishing. It could be done differently elsewhere, so it is better to ask the publisher before proceeding with the book. And, more importantly, this is the case only with self-published books. In the traditional mode of publishing, copyright could vest with the publisher, albeit for a finite period of time.

Why Do Customers Shop At CinnamonTeal? (Why Should I Purchase Your Services?)

This question is best answered by those who have shopped at CinnamonTeal and returned satisfied. However, based on their testimonials, we have gathered some insights into their reasons for doing business with us.
– Your book is important to us. It is not another statistic we can trumpet out loud. We have never approached two books in the same way – you would be hard pressed to find two identical book designs. And the more you tell us about your vision for your book, the more we strive to fulfill your vision.
– We think we are transparent in our dealings. At least we strive hard to be. As a result, you know what you are paying for and there are no hidden costs. And you get what you pay for.
– We will not force you to do things you do not wish to do. You will know what is needed and be given the freedom to choose your course of action. This is why we have chosen not to offer packages, because we believe that there are many components in the packages our competitors offer that are of no use to the author or should simply not be charged.
– We strive hard to manage expectations. We are clear that books will not sell unless the author is involved in promoting them. If you ask us, we will also tell you not to depend too much on just a store presence simply because there are too many books out there and books that are not promoted will not sell.
– We are die-hard traditionalists who are not willing to tamper with the idea of the book. We believe that a customer buying your book should get value for her money and therefore a book should be well edited and properly presented. We are in the business since 2007, having introduced self-publishing in India, and we know what aspects of the book need attention.
– We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services, both in range and in depth. This is because we would like to be a one-stop shop for our customers, many of whom have unique needs. For the same reason, we do not have constraints on the dimensions of the book, or on the number of images you can insert into your book.
– We are easily accessible. While we prefer that you first email us, we are open to talking to you after that email so we know what you wish to discuss. In addition, many of our authors have come and met us at our office in Goa, simply because it assures them to know that there are people at the end of the line.

How Does CinnamonTeal Ensure The Quality Of Its Publications?

While deciding to publish a book, CinnamonTeal does not consider the “market worthiness” of the book i.e. whether or not the book will sell well in the market. This is, in fact, a major differentiating factor when compared to most other publishers. CinnamonTeal does, however, insist that a certain quality of writing be maintained. We recommend, at a minimum, a round of copy editing prior to typesetting. Further, we also insist that certain standards of typesetting and cover design should be applied to the book.
Note that while CinnamonTeal provides copy editing and typesetting services, the author is not bound to avail of them and may choose to have the book edited and type set elsewhere. In such a case, we will provide you with guidelines so that the edited/typeset book conforms to our requirements. In many cases, the author has insisted on certain design elements in the book (that do not match the aesthetic tastes of CinnamonTeal)and sometimes has even refused to have the book edited. In such cases, CinnamonTeal has only provided the requested publishing services but has not published the book itself i.e. it has not issued a CinnamonTeal ISBN, and has advised the author on how to apply for an ISBN herself/himself.

Is There Any Age Limit For Using Your Services?

If you decide to self-publish with CinnamonTeal Publishing, the first step in the process is to sign an agreement. This agreement is usually signed by the author. However, if the author is a minor (less than 18 years of age), a parent or guardian can sign it on the author’s behalf. Both names (that of the author and that of the guardian) will appear in the agreement.

Do I Retain The Rights To My Work?

Yes, you do. You remain in complete ownership of all your work. If you own an ISBN, it will be published by you. However, if you choose to avail of an ISBN owned by CinnamonTeal, it will be published by CinnamonTeal. In both cases, you continue to own the rights in your name and CinnamonTeal does not make any claim or restriction on the ownership of your work.
However, please do note that if you wish to be published by some other publisher, after already being published by us you need to inform us a month in advance so that we can remove your book from our listings. In case your book is published by another entity, we will insist that the new entity issue you another ISBN.

If I Decide To Publish With CinnamonTeal Does That Mean I Cannot Self-Publish With Any Other Publishing House (Like Amazon) In The Future?

CinnamonTeal enters into a non-exclusive agreement with every author and that means you can terminate the services of CinnamonTeal and engage with another publisher at any time. However, you need to give an advance notice of at least a month so that the book is not listed for sale on, or on any other platform through CinnamonTeal. This de-listing is done to avoid any confusion and legal issues that may arise out of the same book being available for sale, but with different ISBNs and from different publishers.
If CinnamonTeal has issued the ISBN for your book, this ISBN ‘belongs’ to CinnamonTeal and cannot be used on a book published by another publisher. We will therefore insist that the new publisher issue you another ISBN. Most publishers are aware of this requirement and will themselves ensure that the book has a new ISBN.
Consequent to termination of service, CinnamonTeal is under no obligation to retain the manuscript files.
It is not advisable to have the book published by two publishers at the same time. It is also generally not advisable to have different formats of the same book published by two different publishers e.g. the paperback by one publisher and the ebook by another.

I Retain The Full Rights To My Book. Does That Mean I Can Publish It Again On My Own?

Yes, you can. If your book is published by CinnamonTeal and you wish to publish it again with some other publisher, you need to inform us. We ask that you inform us even if a traditional publisher has accepted your book for publishing. View this answer for more details.

Other Self-Publishing Companies Offer 70% Royalty. How Much Do You Offer?

You get paid what you want. Period.
While deciding the price of the book, we ask you how much you’d like to earn per sale (in other words, what royalty you’d like to earn). If you decide you’d like to earn Rs. 10/- per sale, that is exactly what you will earn after each sale.
There are no complicated formulae, no percentages, no revenue sharing, nothing.
You get paid what you want.
Here’s a blog on the topic.

On Manuscripts

What Are The Book Sizes You Allow?

We usually have no constraints on the book sizes we can offer. We offer book sizes upto 10×14″ (landscape format). However, it is better if you check with us before you commence conceptualizing your book.

What Binding Options Do You Offer?

We provide perfect binding (soft cover), saddle-stitching, centre-stapling, spiral-binding, casewrap (hardcover) and casewrap with dust jacket options.
For books where the page count is lesser than 68, perfect binding and hard cover binding can be provided with some adjustments.
Please contact for further details.

Do I Have To Submit My Book In Any Particular Format?

You need to submit your content and cover in separate pdf files, each page in the pdf file corresponding to a page in your book. We have provided details on how to format your content and cover.
Please note that we prefer that the book must be subject to at least one round of editing. You could choose to have your book edited by someone competent (other than the author or a close friend of the author) or by engaging our editorial services. We provide editorial services such as editing and proof reading besides other related services such as cover design, page layout, e-book development, translation and ghost-writing.

Can My Book Have Images?

Your book can have as many images as you choose. In order to get a good print, we suggest that your images be of at least 300 dpi and in CMYK format (those in RGB format do not print well). Further, we request you to lay out your images within your book and include all images in the pdf that you submit. We also provide page-layout and image correction services for a fee.

What Software Do I Use To Prepare My Manuscript?

There are many word-processing programs available that will help you design your book. Among the many that have been tried and tested, we have zeroed in on Lyx. Like one of our users said, “there is a learning curve involved, but it is worth the effort”. Take your time mastering the software, there is much you can do with it. And the Help Files and Internet Resources will provide you all the answers you need.
Scribus is another versatile page layout program you can use, especially if you are familiar with Adobe® PageMaker, QuarkXPress or Adobe® InDesign. Scribus is free to use.
Cover designs and illustrations within the book can be developed using Inkscape, a freely available vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.
Additionally, there are resources available on the Internet that will help you convert your files into PDF format.

Are There Only Certain Genres You Will Accept?

We accept all genres. The only kinds of books we do not accept are those containing pornography and other material that can be construed as derogatory or offensive towards women.

My Work Is Not In The Roman Script. Can I Still Have My Book Published?

Yes, you can. As long as your manuscript is completed in the appropriate fonts and according to a proper layout, you may submit it to CinnamonTeal for printing. To date, we have published books in 5 scripts. We can also help you type set your manuscript.

Will CinnamonTeal Automatically Lay Out My Book For Me?

No, we will not. However, you may avail of the typesetting services that we provide.

How Should I Proceed With The Design Of My Cover?

While the design of your cover may require some imagination and creativity on your part, the actual process of designing it isn’t too difficult. There are many software programs that you can use, some of which are legally available for free (see above for query on software you can use). We have provided you with a template that you can use to design your cover. Additionally, you may also avail of our cover-design services.

If My Manuscript Needs Professional Editing, Can You Help?

Yes, we can. We offer professional proof reading and editing services in addition to a host of other services you can avail of. In fact, our decision to issue your book an ISBN depends on it being edited thoroughly at least once, either by us or by a competent editor.

How Many Books Do I Have To Print Each Time?

As many as you wish. There is no minimum or maximum number of books you have to print. If you want just one copy, we’ll print you just one.

What Stock Do You Use For Printing?

We use 70gsm paper (50 pounds), in natural shade (off-white) or white, for the pages and 300gsm for the cover. Authors may also specify their stock of choice and we will be happy to oblige subject to our availability of the requested stock. We suggest you check the stock before the order is placed. Change in paper stock might have an impact on the delivery time.

On Publishing

Do You Provide An ISBN? Would Then You Be The Publisher And Hence Have Copyright To The Book?

If we are satisfied with the editorial quality of your manuscript and the cover and pages you have designed for your book, or if we provide these editing and design services ourselves, we will publish your book. That implies we will provide an ISBN for EACH format your book is developed in. (Currently if you work with us, there can be a maximum of 5 formats: Paperback and Hardback if you are developing a printed version, and EPUB and PDF if you are developing an electronic version.)
This, however, DOES NOT MEAN, we will have any rights to the book. These rights will always remain with the creators of the content in the book.

What Is An ISBN And How Do I Get One?

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a universal code that publishers and booksellers use to identify and order books the world over. In India, ISBNs are provided free of cost. You can obtain one from the issuing agency in India.
We will issue your book an ISBN after we are satisfied with the editorial quality of the book and its presentation. However, if we are not involved with the development of the book i.e. with its production and design, we will not issue the book an ISBN. For such books, however, our print-on-demand services are available and we can print and deliver as per the needs of the author. CinnamonTeal also provides you an ISBN barcode that can be added to the back cover of the book.
Having an ISBN is not necessary if your book is for personal use or for circulation within a limited group of people. It is required if you wish to sell your book in bookstores, whether online or offline, or in any other retail outlet. Each version of a book — whether paperback or hardcover, first or second edition — must have a different ISBN. A unique ISBN distinguishes between different versions of a book, helping customers ensure that they get the book they want.
For more information about ISBNs, visit our blog entry on the subject.

Do You Offer Packages? Other Service Providers Do.

We do offer authors the option of customizing a package based on his or her needs. Visit this page to know more.

What Are The Expenses I Will Incur?

Your expenditures will happen primarily for three reasons:
a. You will only have to pay for the services you “buy”. These are services related to editing, design and marketing the book, and are optional. There are no other charges or publishing packages you are forced to purchase. For more on costs of self-publish, visit this page or our blog on the subject.
b. Because of the way the service is structured, we are unable to accept returns. Retailers understand this peculiar situation and may be reluctant to stock your books. We therefore ask you to buy a few copies of your own book so that they can be reviewed or kept with retailers. Similarly, if retailers choose to stock your book, you will have to pay for the copies up front. This is an additional cost you will have to bear. Of course, you will be able to avail of author discounts when you order prints of your own books. The final decision on how many copies to print, however, remains with you.
If CinnamonTeal issues you an ISBN, you have to pay for 5 copies that must be necessarily submitted to the National Libraries. While CinnamonTeal prepares the necessary paperwork for this purpose, you will be expected to pay for the printing and shipment of the books.

Would It Matter If I Simply Had The Book Printed Rather Than Having It Published?

A published book will be issued an ISBN. Many retailers insist upon an ISBN as a prerequisite to stocking your book for sale. Moreover, after your book is issued an ISBN, you are required by law to deposit 5 copies of that book with the National Libraries. This in turn ensures that your book is accessible to readers in at least these libraries.
Nowadays many mainstream publishers are looking at self published books to publish these books themselves in a revised edition. A published book, that is carefully edited and nicely presented, increases the chances of this happening.

What Is The Process To Get My Book Published?

The process works thus:
a. Before the process commences, we will send you an author’s contract that you are required to print, sign and send back. The contract is a legal document mentioning various terms and conditions. Please note that we prefer you begin this process only after you are satisfied that you have completed the book.
b. The next step is to have the manuscript thoroughly edited. You must provide your text for publishing after at least one round of editing. You could choose to have your book edited yourself or avail of our editorial services
c. Once your manuscript is edited, you have to get your cover designed. Again, you can have the cover designed yourself or engage our cover design services. If an ISBN is issued to you, it must be included on the copyright(imprint) page of your book and a barcode must be added to the back cover.
d. The interior of the book must then be designed. This involves the appropriate selection of font, margins and paragraph settinsg besides the formatting of the header, footer, the imprint page and the table of contents.
e. Once the manuscript and cover are both ready in pdf format, your book is ready to be printed. Your book will be available within ten days of ordering and payment.
f. Further you may choose to develop your book as an e-book. We provide e-book conversion to EPUB, MOBI AND PDF formats.
f. Similarly, we provide distribution services for both, printed and electronic formats of your book.
If you do not avail of our pre-publishing services such as editing or cover design, there are no payments that need be done except when the copies of the printed book are ordered. Please note that we do not issue an ISBN unless we are involved in the editing and design processes. In such cases, we only provide the requested services.
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT it is important to begin the publishing process only after you are satisfied that the text of the book is completed except for changes that may be suggested by the editor later. Adding text to the book after the publishing process has begun leads to unnecessary delays and complications with various versions. Such a situation is best avoided. We cannot emphasize this enough.

Must I Opt For Your Services? Can’t You Publish My Book Just The Way It Is Submitted?

We do not insist that you purchase our services. We have published the books of many authors who have had their books edited before they approached us, and have helped many others design their own covers.
That said, we will not publish a book that is not properly edited or has a bad cover (usually clipart downloaded from a powerpoint presentation). If the author insists, we may simply print that book but we will not issue the book an ISBN. This is because we believe that the content within the book must be carefully and properly edited and presented.
If you approach us with a manuscript, we will explain to you why the book needs to be edited. Further, we will also explain our reasons to suggest either copy editing or substantive editing. We will also explain why the cover you have chosen for your book may not be the right one to go with, or why the illustration you have provided will need a little more work.

I Would Like To Publish Under A Pseudonym. Will It Have Any Legal Or Copyright-Related Impact?

Publishing under a pseudonym will have no legal impact or influence copyright protection of your work as the author agreement you will sign will have your details and state that you have published the book under a pseudonym.

Will I Get To Know The Total Cost I Will Incur Before We Begin The Process?

Yes. Before you sign on, we will give you an estimate of the costs involved. These estimations are a close approximation of the actual expenditure you will make to have the book published.

Will You Allot A Project Manager Or Someone With Whom I Can Exclusively Communicate With?

Yes. You will be assigned a single point of contact to whom you can direct all your queries.

What Is The Process To Have My Book Crowdfunded?

CinnamonTeal Publishing has partnered with Ketto to help our authors crowdfund the publishing of their book.
After you receive an estimate of the costs of self-publishing your book, let us know if you wish to have it crowdfunded. We will set up the campaign for you and provide with you all the links necessary to promote the campaign. You must understand that the success of a crowdfunding campaign depends on your ability to get as many people in your network of friends and family interested in your book and willing to fund your campaign. Since a crowdfunding campaign has a duration of a fixed number of days, it is important that you have finished writing your book before the campaign begins.
After the campaign is over, we will use the funds raised (minus a small fee charged by Ketto) to cover the expenses of your book. You will not be handed any amount raised from the campaign. However, we will provide you with all details about the funds raised as they are provided to us by Ketto. If you manage to raise extra funds than needed, you can use these to promote your book.

What Self-Publishing Services Will My Book Need?

That really depends on your book, its structure and intended audience. But let’s keep it simple.
Typically a book requires the following services:
Editing: So that the book reads well, and is free from grammar and syntax errors.
Cover Design: So that the book is nicely presented and has all relevant information.
Page Design (or Interior Layout): So that the book reads well, has a choice of fonts appropriate for the target group, a nicely designed table of contents, and copyright and all other such information.
Printing: Whether in bulk or on demand. The author may also choose to develop e-books at this juncture, along with the printed edition, or without it.
That’s it. That is actually all the book needs to gain a physical presence or be accessible to the buyer. Further, though, there are other services you may wish to consider:
Illustrations: Something you may want if it is children’s book, or if you wish to drive home a point with an illustration.
Indexing: Mostly used for academic texts, available for both, subject and person.
Marketing: Digital marketing services that will help your book capture the market’s attention.
Distribution: So that your book is accessible within domestic and international markets.
Browse further for a full list of pre- and post-publishing services.

Should The E-Book And Print Versions Of My Book Have Different ISBNs? If So, How Are They Linked Over The Internet?

ISBN rules mandate that each different format has a different ISBN. That means, while hardcover and paperback versions are already issued different ISBNs, each ebook format (whether epub, pdf/a, mobi, or any other format) should also be issued a different ISBN.
Most retailing platforms will recognize the similarity between the various formats (versions) and link them together.

Can The Book Be Changed After The First Copy Is Printed?

Yes, the contents of a book can be changed subject to certain conditions. Simply send us the new manuscript and indicate that it should be used for further prints. However, please note that we are not responsible for maintaining earlier versions of the manuscript.
In fact print-on-demand allows you to change your manuscript for each successive reprint. Many authors have used this to their advantage by incorporating user suggestions into their manuscript or by mentioning book reviews on the back cover.
However, please note that a significant change in the content of the book might warrant a change in the ISBN. This option of “changing” must therefore be used with discretion and only to customise a copy for the user.
If the changes that you request must be made to an already finalized manuscript, appropriate charges will be applied. We therefore request you to view a copy of the book before you decide to list the book for circulation. It would be even better if you reviewed the edited manuscript thoroughly and made all the necessary changes before the book is laid out (type set). Similarly, ensure that the cover is up to mark and that all text on the cover is properly edited. This can be checked when the final version of the cover is submitted to you for review.

What Payment Options Do You Provide? (How Do I Pay CinnamonTeal For Its Services?)

The following payment options are available to buyers on The Dogears Bookshop: a) Credit/Debit Card, b)Payment by Cheque/DD, c)Payment through a direct deposit into our bank a/c. These details are listed on the invoice you will receive for each service.
For overseas payments, you can choose to pay using paypal. However, there will be a surcharge to compensate for the costs levied by paypal.

On Sale & Dispatch

How Long Before My Book Is Available For Sale?

For most books it takes about 8-12 weeks from the time the author has first contacted us to the time the book is available for sale. This is the case when the manuscript is completed in its entirety before editing is commenced and payments are made on time. Many authors add and delete the texts in their books or that on the back cover after the publishing process has begun. Similarly they decide to change certain aspects of the book that have already been completed e.g. the cover is tweaked after its design is finalized. This causes unnecessary delay.
Since we commence a service only after it is paid for, delays in payment may also cause delays in delivery of the service. Finally, we do not take any responsibility for any delay that may occur due to tardy courier services.
In case of print orders, books are shipped within 8-12 days of realization of the payment for that order.

How Do I Price My Book?

The price of your book is mainly made of three components: the cost of producing the book, the discount demanded by the retailer and the commission you wish to earn off each book, called the Author’s Earnings.
For more on pricing, visit this page.
Since the cost of production is fixed depending upon the number of pages and dimensions of the book, and since most retailers generally demand a discount of 50% or upwards of that, the author’s earnings needs to be fixed appropriately so as to maintain a balance between earnings and sales. Lesser earnings imply a lower price for your book and might translate into larger sales. If the book sells well, you can always increase this component incrementally on later editions and earn more from each sale.

Can You Provide A List Of The International Distributors You Work With?

A list of international distributors is available here, and is constantly updated.

What If I Want To Avail Of POD And Sell Via Amazon? Do You Cater To That?

What you are probably asking is whether we will list your book on Amazon and print a copy when it is sold and dispatch that copy to the buyer (i.e. print on demand). Yes, we do that, not just for Amazon but also for Infibeam, Flipkart and Dogears Etc., the other platforms where we list your book.

In Addition To Print-On-Demand, Do You Provide Bulk Printing Services?

Yes, we do provide bulk printing services. Typically, authors choose to print one copy using our print-on-demand service, that they can use as a proof and satisfy themselves with the quality of the book. They then proceed to print in bulk.
For more details about our bulk printing service, email us at [email protected]

How Long Does It Take Between A Print Order And Its Delivery?

Once a completed manuscript is submitted and the print order is paid for, it takes between ten days to a couple of weeks to receive it, time of transit included. However, delivery could be delayed due to other, unavoidable circumstances. In the case of overseas orders, particularly, books shipped using the postal service have taken upto 6 weeks to reach their destination.

What Shipping Methods Do You Use?

For shipping both within India and abroad we use private couriers. We choose not to ship using the postal service because the packages cannot be tracked and because there is no redressal mechanism in case packages go missing or get damaged. The option is still open for small packages (upto 3 kgs) or if authors insist that their packet be shipped using the postal service.
Currently, we use DHL™ for overseas shipping and Blue Dart™ for shipping within India.

Can I Avail Of An Author’s Discount?

You can. For this purpose, you must email us with the details of your order and not purchase it from any online bookstore where your book may be listed. When you order copies of your book, you will be charged the printing cost and not the listed price of the book.

What Marketing Options Do You Offer?

We do not offer marketing options, but we do offer distribution services. That means we do not offer services that convince buyers to buy your book but we do provide sales channels that make your books available for purchase. These channels include online channels such as and other online channels servicing customers in India and abroad. Additionally, under certain circumstances, we also offer retail support that allows your books to be available in certain bookstores all over India.

How Will CinnamonTeal Help With Book Distribution?

We distribute online, through various online channels. If you are willing to have at least 150 copies printed, we can also arrange to have them distributed in stores across India, subject to some conditions.
We can also arrange to have your book available on several online bookstores across Europe and North America. Similarly, in the case of e-books, we can arrange for its global distribution through several channel partners. For more details regarding distribution, view this page or email us.

Can I Use Other Avenues To Distribute My Book?

Yes, as an author you may seek other channels for distribution of your book. These channels could be online or offline. However, you must explicitly mention “CinnamonTeal Publishing” as the publisher of the book. Failure to do so constitutes a legal breach that may attract legal action. It is better that you contact us before such a move to prevent any overlap of efforts.

Can I Ask For My Book To Be Placed In A Particular Store?

When you choose to opt for distribution of your books through physical book stores, we immediately inform our distributor. He then sends all stores details about your book. It is up to the store to accept your book and ask for a certain number of copies for display. It therefore does not bear much fruit to insist that a book be displayed in a particular store because the store decided whether or not to display your book. In any case, our distributor contacts most bookstore chains along with prominent bookstores. If the book is about a particular city, bookstores in that city are often contacted.

How Can I Get My Book Placed In Libraries?

When you book is published by CinnamonTeal, we make sure your book is sent to the main libraries in India as per the Government mandate for all books with an ISBN. Further, there is an increased likelihood that the central governing body for all libraries, the Kolkata-based Raja Rammohun Roy Foundation, orders more copies of your book for placing in other libraries.
Suffice to say that if your book is published with CinnamonTeal, there is a high probability your book will be available in many libraries. This means greater visibility for your book, often resulting in sales as people prefer to own a copy of the book they like.

Can I Contact Distributors On My Own?

You can contact distributors on your own and ask them to supply your book to bookstores. However, you will have to negotiate the terms yourself. Books requested by the distributor will be printed and dispatched only after they have been paid for in full. Similarly, in this case, we will not be responsible for collection of dues from the distributor. It is better that you contact us before such a move to prevent any overlap of efforts.

Do You Distribute Through Amazon?

Yes, we do. For more details refer to our page explaining international distribution.

How Will I Get Paid?

If your books have been sold to persons other than you (i.e. if you have not bought those books yourself), you will receive an amount equal to the Author’s Earnings you have accrued, if it exceeds Rs. 1000/-, by cheque at the end of six months. The cheque will be accompanied by a detailed account of each sale and the amount due to you. This seemingly large period of six months is because many distributors and retailers themselves have such a payment cycle.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We do not accept any returns and will not refund any purchases unless we have sent the wrong book or a defective copy. Copies damaged during transit cannot be returned for refund.

For How Long Will My Book Remain In Print?

For as long as you want. When you publish with CinnamonTeal, your book will never go out of print.

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