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Post-Publishing Services

Our comprehensive menu of self-publishing services can be classified as pre-publishing services, those required to prepare your book, and post-publishing services, those needed to ensure its proper production and distribution. This page lists the post-publishing services we have on offer. If you have difficulty choosing services for your book, consider this FAQ. Or email us at [email protected].


Print-On-Demand is a technology employed to print only as many copies as needed, thus helping you save on total costs of printing and the hassles of maintaining an inventory of books. While the unit cost of the book increases as fewer copies are printed, the total expenditure incurred on printing, shipping and storing printed copies is considerably reduced. The benefits of POD (as print-on-demand is often referred to) are many. Some of them are explained in this blog. Nonetheless, POD is an extremely valuable tool in the hands of a self-publishing author, as it allows them to get to market without large investments in an inventory of printed books.


We provide development and distribution services to all major eBook formats including PDF/A, and EPUB. These conversion services are available for English as also for selected Indian and European languages. We also provide worldwide distribution services for e-books. We have associated ourselves with several e-book distribution and sale platforms to ensure that your e-book is accessible to customers all over.


We are among a handful of publishers worldwide that offer authors the ability to develop and distribute audio-books. You can either prepare an audio book yourself and sell it through our channels or approach us to develop one for you. We provide this service currently only for books in English.


Having published your book, your next task is to let your audience know about it. We provide marketing services (based on several social media) that can be tailored to your budget and to your preferences. Depending on the market your book caters to, we will help you design and execute a marketing plan. In addition to marketing plans already developed, that can be further customized, we also provide bespoke digital marketing services starting from ground up.


We have tied up with retailers across the globe to ensure that your readers can purchase a copy of your book easily. We also provide fulfillment services if you wish to have your book dispatched to specific addresses. The latter allows you to print in bulk ship it to different addresses as the case might be.


In today’s world, marketing yourself usually means having your own webpage and blog. Consistent with our objective of providing authors a one-stop shop for all the services they need to get a good book out the door and market it effectively, we design professional webpages that are reasonably priced. We, in fact, offer an expansive portfolio of web and graphic design services, so that you can have the tools you need to market and sell your book.
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