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Cost of Self-Publishing

This page explains how you can arrive at an approximate cost of self-publishing. When you self-publish with CinnamonTeal Publishing, you are offered the ability to choose the pre- and post-publishing services that best suit your book. In a sense, therefore, you can put together you own self-publishing package, composed of the services you feel are the best for your book. The cost of publishing is then simply the sum of the costs of each service you choose. When you approach us after having completed the book, we offer you an estimate of the costs (along with an estimate of the time the process might take) of self-publishing your book. These costs are specific to your book and take into account all the processes you choose for your book.

Cost = Sum of Costs

Typically, an author will have her book edited, its interior and cover designed, and, upon completion of the book, have it printed (whether using print-on-demand or bulk printing). She may then opt for a marketing option (to publicize the book), as well as the option to have the book distributed through various retail channels. In such a case, the cost of publishing = cost of editing + cost of page design + cost of cover design + cost of printing + cost of marketing + cost of distribution. Additional services will incur additional charges. For example, if you wish to have an illustration for each chapter, the cost of illustration will be added to the cost of publishing. Or, if you wish to have your book indexed, you will be charged for our indexing service. Put simply, you only pay for the services you have chosen. Nothing is forced upon you, neither do you pay for services you are unsure about. If you are wondering why we do not offer a fixed cost of publishing on our website, without seeing your manuscript, read this blog, or click on the graphic on the left to visualize how the costs add up.
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