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Digital Marketing

You have written a book, seen it published, held it and savoured the moment. Now it’s time to let others know about it so that your intended audience is able to find your book and read it. Among the hundreds of thousands of books out there, yours must be found and, once found, bought and read. We offer a wide range of marketing services designed to make potential buyers aware of the book you have written. In particular we offer bespoke digital marketing services that ride on the potential of social media networks. Contact us for more details. Our marketing services complement our distribution services, through which we make your book available through a network of retailers around the globe. This means your book is available for sale through most (if not all) preferred retail channels.


As a large number of readers migrate online and spend a large amount of their time there, many successful author have concentrated their energies on marketing their books through online media. This exercise, called digital marketing, or social media marketing, has reaped large dividends for those who have focused their attention to this form of marketing. It must be noted that social media marketing is primarily used for a) making the target audience aware of the product and b) making them interested in purchasing the product. The reader cannot be forced to purchase the product, however, no effort is spared to make the book interesting to the buyer to purchase. CinnamonTeal Publishing offers its authors various social media marketing tools available in combinations. These combinations are designed after carefully studying online behaviour so that only effective methods are employed. Authors may choose a combination of their choice, depending on their budgets, and on their own familiarity with the methods employed. Once chosen, the entire marketing exercise will be conducted by CinnamonTeal Publishing. A small description of the methods employed in these plans follows:
  • Search Engine Optimization: This option refers to the steps taken to ensure that a person searching online for a certain word (or group of words) finds your book if that word is a relevant one. For example, if your book is a detective novel, and a person searches for the term “sherlock holmes”, that person should be introduced to your book via website pages that mention your book. This will hold for all keywords related to your book – keywords that include your main characters, the places mentioned in your book, perhaps a mention of important events your book refers to, etc.
  • Email Marketing: This refers to a series of emails sent to prospective buyers. Different customers will receive different emails, based on their preferences of books. For example, a person interested in science fiction will not receive emails for books related to romance novels. Further, we will be able to deduce how many of these emails were opened, read, and where these various customers were located.
  • Google Adwords: Similar to search engine optimization, this technique places ads when a relevant word is searched for. You are charged only if the ad is clicked on. Google ads can be text-only or image-based. Together, this option is called the Google Display Network.
  • Social Media Network: This refers to networks such as Facebook and Twitter where large numbers of people can be informed about your book.
For more details, drop us an email: [email protected]. To begin with, though, there’s a lot you can do yourself to market your book: a. Write the best book you can That means no punctuation mistakes, a consistent style and making sure every sentence, paragraph and chapter belong. View the manual of style for guidelines on both the technical as well as editorial aspects of the manuscript. Keep in mind the basic tenets of writing so that your manuscript is grammatically correct and is free of spelling errors. Before you set out to write this book, you probably had organized your thoughts. You need to revisit them, thus preparing for the next step: b. Know why You need to know why you wrote this book so that you can explain it while marketing the book. Your answer should be brief, just a sentence long. However, if the need arises, you should be able to expand on your thoughts, into one or more detailed paragraphs. c. Think hard about ways you can sell After we publish your book, we will provide you many options to help you sell it (see above). However, at CinnamonTeal we ensure that the rights to the book remain with you and you can, therefore, distribute it elsewhere and market it as you like. Before you seek other channels of distribution, you are required to contact us to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. Marketing a book takes a lot of effort. There are many books published these days and therefore you need to communicate the essence and value of your book very clearly. Although you can engage a professional agency to do this, you should not have too much trouble doing it yourself. We also provide you with your own space to market your book. That means, you can set up your own blog, your own homepage or you may write about your book on other blogs and discussion forums. However, do remember that your readers will want to know why your book is so special among all the others out there and will want to ensure that your book interests them. So go, oblige them. Remember that selling a book is a difficult task but it definitely isn’t impossible. It will take tireless effort but you will have to keep persevering. Take the help of friends and learn how to take a “no”. In the end, it’s all worth the while.
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