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About Us

Our History

CinnamonTeal Design and Publishing (previously, CinnamonTeal Publishing) provides the full range of self-publishing services that are designed to help you publish printed books and e-books. Although based in India, we have the capabilities to market and distribute your book across the globe.

When we commenced operations in August 2007, we were the first to offer self-publishing services to customers in India. We were in the books business for a year before that, having launched Dogears Etc., a peer-to-peer bookselling website. In the years since 2007, we would like to believe we have not compromised on our endeavour to provide our authors and readers value for their money.

In 2010, we were awarded the Young Creative Entrepreneur award in the field of publishing. That award endorsed our approach to self-publishing, primarily our belief that self-published books should also be subjected to the same rigours of published as books that are traditionally published. The Award also propelled us to look outwards, towards an engagement with the larger publishing industry in India, and launch the annual Publishing Next conference.

In July 2017, we added web development and graphic design services to our portfolio.

We would like you to take a moment and read our publishing philosophy, as it explains our vision for self-published authors and books. At the end of it, you might be convinced that we would be the kind of people you’d like to work with. Or you might feel that we are not a good fit. But we offer you that choice to decide, and to know the people you will work with, should you decide to publish your book with us.

Contact us today to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Our Timeline


Our first website, India's first peer-to-peer bookselling platform rolled out. Then, and even now, it is the only website in India that allows trade of used and new books, and e-books.


Company launched

Our company, Dogears Print Media Pvt. Ltd., is formed.


CinnamonTeal Publishing

We launch what was then India's first self-publishing service based on print-on-demand. Our first couple of titles rolled out in October, 2006.


Young Creative Entrepreneur

CinnamonTeal Publishing was awarded the Young Creative Entrepreneur (Publishing) Award by the British Council. That Award provided us with the opportunity to participate at the London Book Fair the following year.


Publishing Next

We organized the first edition of the Publishing Next conference. This edition was spread over two days and was actively supported by the British Council, among others.


Association with EAP

We partnered with a US-based Indian researcher to digitize more than 500 documents and books for the Endangered Archives Programme (EAP).


Dogears Bookshop

The Dogears Bookshop was started in Margao, Goa.


Business Goa Publisher of the Year

CinnamonTeal Publishing is awarded the Business Goa Publisher of the Year Award for its achievements in Publishing and for the Publishing Next conference.


CinnamonTeal Design

CinnamonTeal's software development and graphic design capabilities are hived off as a separate offering for customers shopping for design and development services.