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Publishing Solutions

It really doesn’t matter if you are an author, an educational institution, an NGO or even a traditional publisher. We can work with you to address your unique set of requirements. For authors:
  • You can have your book edited, type set and your cover designed.
  • You can print only in required numbers and save on costs.
  • We will help you market and distribute your book thus ensuring sales.
  • We can also convert your book into widely accepted digital formats (e-books).
  • We print in all languages, allowing you to express yourself freely.
For publishers:
  • You can ensure that your books are never out of print.
  • Have your backlist available online and printed on sale.
  • Ensure global fulfillment.
  • Digitize your books for C2P printing.
  • Your galleys and ARCs could be printed in small quantities before the actual launch and the reviews incorporated in the final version.
  • Foreign publishers can introduce their titles in India on a print-on-demand basis.
  • Printing in small quantities allows you to experiment – with genres, authors, plots and readers.
For not-for-profit organizations and NGOs:
  • You can save on printing costs by printing in required numbers alone.
  • You can have your books personalized, if needed, for each customer.
  • You can have us deliver your documents as needed, even globally if required.
For companies and other organizations:
  • Have your induction and training manuals designed and printed in required quantities.
  • That way you can change your text each time, if required, and need not bother about wasted copies.
  • Product brochures, newsletters and other corporate communication can also be customized and printed.
  • Company biographies, a wonderful marketing tool, and annual reports can be developed, printed and dispatched to important clients and stake holders.
To discuss further, email us at [email protected]. We will respond promptly. You can also post your comments and queries regarding this page here and we will respond to them immediately.
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