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On-Demand Distribution

On-demand distribution means just that: we distribute i.e. we get your book into the hands of your readers on demand. Here’s how it works.

We list your book on one of the many channels we have partnered with. This is just an online listing that allows viewers to see details of your book and order a copy if the book interests them. Copies of the book aren’t actually kept with any of these channels. However, when a sale occurs, we print the required number of copies and dispatch them to the customer.

That means via our on-demand distribution service, we make your book available to readers around the world, and you don’t have to spend a rupee on printing and shipping it. We’ll make sure that the book is printed, in quantities that are demanded, and shipped to the customer. And we will send you a report of sales at periodic intervals.

For more on how books are printed this way, read about our print-on-demand service.

For more details about this service, contact us by emailing [email protected]

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