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An author who chooses to publish usually goes through the following 5 steps:
  • She/he signs an agreement with us stating among other things that the work is original and that the rights rest with the author
  • The manuscript is then edited (i.e. a round of copyediting or substantive editing follows). In the case of books of poetry, the book is proof read.
  • After the book is edited and the suggested changes are incorporated, the cover is designed and the pages are laid out.
  • Following these processes, the book is ready for printing (either on demand, or in bulk) and distribution.
Depending on the nature of the book, the author may choose to opt for pre-publication services that include scanning and image rework, development of illustrations, and indexing. Similarly, after the book is published, the author may opt for our ebook development and marketing services. In some cases, our authors have chosen to directly develop the book in an electronic format (epublishing) and dispense away with the print option. To get started, email us at [email protected]
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