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CinnamonTeal Elite

We have initiated a joint publishing programme for books of selected genres. While the process for publishing the book will remain the same, we will share some of your costs associated with eBook development, and marketing and distribution. Books within the following genres will be suitable for this programme:
  • Arts, Films and Photography
  • Biographies
  • Children’s Books
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Graphic Books
  • History and Historical Fiction
  • Social Sciences
  • Travelogues
Certain books within other genres may also be considered for this programme. This partnership will require you to pay for while we will ensure
  • eBook Development in ePub format
  • India-wide distribution (through online and physical book stores **, for both print and electronic versions), based on your choice of print run
  • Marketing of the book using social media channels, and advanced information sheets
In addition, we bring along our experience, of more than seven years in the self-publishing business, to bear on the development of the book. We pioneered this concept here in India, way back since August 2007, and have seen it grow and evolve. We understand how the market works and what needs to be done to get a book sold. In partnership with you, we hope to make the most exciting books available. The final decision to choose books for this programme rests with us and will be communicated to you after we have read the entire manuscript. For more details contact us using the form below or drop us a line at [email protected] ** Physical book distribution will depend on the booksellers’ willingness to carry the book in their stores.
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