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Partner With Us

If you have dreamt of having your own publishing house, here is a chance to make to make that dream come true. You can join hands with us to provide our entire list of publishing services, by becoming a CinnamonTeal Associate (CTA). You will work independently while we will support you to provide every possible self-publishing service. On your part, we will be responsible for your own marketing, and engage as many customers as possible.

As a CTA:

  • You can establish your own brand. That way all books will appear in stores bearing your brand and imprint name.
  • You can offer a wide range of publishing services with very little by way of investment.
  • You can realise your entrepreneurial dreams and have your own publishing house.
  • You will be backed by an able team and a well-known brand in self-publishing (CinnamonTeal pioneered self-publishing in India way back in 2007).
  • You can help authors realise their dreams of being published.
Here’s how it works:

In association with CinnamonTeal Publishing, you can offer your customers the following services.

  • Editorial
  • Page Design (Page Layout)
  • Cover Design
  • Typing
  • Illustrations
  • Printing and On-Demand Fulfillment
  • Ebook Development
  • Online Distribution (of print and ebooks) and
  • Book Marketing

On your part, all you have to do is market your publishing house.

So, why associate with us?

  • By using our experience in the field, you can set up your own publishing house in no time. Moreover, self-publishing is a fast-growing subset of publishing and this is your chance to be a part of this growth.
  • We have invested a lot in developing our infrastructure. This means you are backed by a 100% guarantee that the book will be published at the lowest price possible and within a reasonable time frame. It also means that the services you promise to deliver will indeed be delivered to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Our transactions are transparent. Our rates are fixed and can be easily computed. There is no guesswork and ambiguity involved.
  • We have delivered to customers all over India and across the globe, and will serve your customers with the same integrity and honesty.

For more details, email us at [email protected] with your queries. We promise to respond promptly.

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