More Matata: Love After the Mau Mau (The Matata Trilogy) (Volume 2)


Author: Braz Menezes

9789387676589 | PB | pp.330 | 2019 | CinnamonTeal Publishing

Matata means trouble in Swahili. Falling in love across racial barriers is big matata, especially in Kenya.

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Matata means trouble in Swahili, and falling in love across racial barriers is big matata, especially in Kenya, a country seething with racial tensions after the Second World War. Lando, whisked out of Goa and back to Kenya, finds himself enrolled in a non-Catholic Asian school on the edge of an African residential area just as the Mau Mau, a secret organisation determined to overthrow the colonial government, is slowly spreading its grip of terror from the far-off White-Settler occupied Highlands, into urban areas, Lando’s school and even his home. In a few years the Portuguese and British are forced to give up their colonies in India and East Africa respectively, and just as the racial barriers fall, the Goans who have lived under colonial rulers for 450 years are left rudderless and stateless, and have to make hard choices. In spite of all this matata, Lando and the beautiful Saboti meet again under extraordinary circumstances, and that is the biggest matata of them all. Braz Menezes, architect and urban planner, Commonwealth Scholar, studied Creative Writing at George Brown College and attended the mentorship program at Humber College, in Toronto. His work has previously appeared in various anthologies including; Canadian Voices, Volume 1 and 2; Goa Masala; Indian Voices; and Canadian Imprints. Just MATATA – Sin, Saints and Settlers (2011) was his debut novel.
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