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The Power of Dramatic Activities in the Teaching of English as a Second Language


Author: Dr. Bernadette D’Souza

9789387676169 | PB | pp.377 | 2019 | CinammonTeal Publishing

This book elucidates with examples; the power of dramatic activities in teaching English as a second language.

The Power of Dramatic Activities in the Teaching of English as a Second Language is unique as it is a book written by the first Anglo-Indian lady in India with a Doctorate in Education in the specialized field of The Teaching of English.  Dr. Bernadette is also a pioneer from the perspective of an author who is an Academician with the professional expertise to pack a wealth of information into a single, readable volume. The first section of her book contains extensive theoretical information on Pedagogical Approaches and Methodologies that is in tandem with the curriculum for Undergraduates, Post-Graduates and Researchers, pursuing the B.Ed./M.Ed./M.A (Education) University Degree Courses in India, with English as their Special Method. The second section is practical-oriented. It is aligned to the Prose/ Poetry/Story/Drama units taken from the prescribed English Textbooks of various Boards of Education, like the NCERT/CBSE/ICSE & IGCSE, with skillfully adapted dramatic activities for students of different age groups and grade levels. It also has songs composed by the author, which can be used for special events. It meets the learning objectives of the English courses taught in schools and colleges. This book meets the long-felt need of Teachers of English, Teachers of other subjects like History/Geography, Teacher Educators, Teacher Trainees, Administrators, Faculty of Teacher Training Institutes, Researchers, as well as parents of students, for a powerful reference book /ready reckoner. It provides them with the golden key to the magical world of fun and laughter in the classroom, while simultaneously developing speech fluency and communicative competence in our students.

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About the Author

Dr Bernadette D’Souza is a Subject Specialist in the field of the Methodology of Teaching English as a Second Language and holds impeccable credentials. She is a double Post Graduate in English Literature and Education and has a Doctorate in Education specializing in the Teaching of English in India. She is the first Anglo-Indian lady from Jatni. Khurda Road, Odisha, to receive the Ph.D Degree in Education.

As an ESL/EFL Educator and Professor, she has a proven track record of 26 years of teaching experience, at different levels of the educational ladder – right from High school to Post Graduate levels, both in India and abroad. Her focus has been on helping teachers and learners approach English education with confidence. Teaching in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments, where there are no tailor-made packages to suit the wide spectrum of learners needs and interests, has equipped her with a vast repertoire of skills to deal effectively with the rich cultural diversity of these students. Dr Bernadette has worked in the field of education in India and in the Gulf countries of Oman and the UAE, as an English language teacher at different levels of the educational spectrum: an Administrative Head – the Vice-Principal of a junior college, and as a teacher educator in teachers’ training colleges.

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