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Submitting Your Manuscript

If you wish to have your book printed, you may submit your manuscript using the following instructions. Please note that if you wish to have your book published by us, and avail of our typesetting service, we will develop a print-ready book for you. a. After you have laid out your book, e-mail it to us at contactus[at]cinnamonteal[dot]in or at editorialservices[at]dogearsetc[dot]com. Your email should have the subject: “Manuscript – [name of book]”. We promise to answer your email within 24 hours. In your email , please mention clearly a] your name b] your postal address and contact information c] the number of copies you need d] the preferred size of the book e] the type of binding you prefer If you are requesting a quote, we prefer to view the entire manuscript so that we can provide an accurate quote. If the entire manuscript is not provided, the quote will be an approximate one and will be subject to change. Please note:
  • In general, small-volume printing tends to be more expensive compared to large volume printing but eliminates the need to invest in large printing costs and store large inventory. We print in quantities starting from one unit i.e. we do not have a minimum order quantity
  • Books can be printed in any of the size options listed here. Books can also be listed in other intermittent sizes. However the sizes listed are those that cause minimum wastage of paper
  • The binding options mostly used are a)Perfect Binding (or paperbacks), b)Case Binding (hardcovers on which matter is printed) and c) Hard Cover with Dust Jacket (where a paper cover wraps around the book). Casewrap with a dust jacket is also provided. Saddle stitching is also an option for books, as is centre-stapling, especially when the book has fewer than 64 pages
  • Other forms of binding that can be offered are: spiral, comb and double-loop wire. These are recommended for technical manuals or other thick books in order to improve usability of the book (the book can be opened up flat) The standard paper that will be used for the inside pages 70gsm, creme, Seshasayee book print paper. Maplitho paper, which is wood free, is also an option. If any other paper is desired, please enquire. We will attempt to provide it for you
  • If you do not avail of our typesetting service, we prefer to receive the file as a ready-to-print PDF set in the book dimensions that are finally desired. Please provide a file in which each PDF page corresponds to a single page in the book
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