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The Cinnamon Teal

cinnamontealThe cinnamon teal is about 14-17 inches long and has a wingspan of about two feet. The female has a light brown head and neck, a gray bill and brown eyes. Her breast and sides are brown and streaked with darker V-shaped spots, her upper parts are brown and her belly is white. She has a light blue shoulder patch on her upper wings with a white band of feathers under the patch and a strip of green feathers at the edge of the wing. The male cinnamon teal has a bright cinnamon-colored head, neck, stomach and sides. He has a black bill, yellow legs and feet and red eyes. His wing markings are the same as the female’s markings but his shoulder patch is a darker blue.     CtLogo_rgb1 CinnamonTeal Publishing is the publishing division of Dogears Print Media Pvt. Ltd. Located in Margao, Goa, we started as an online bookstore for used books. That gradually morphed into a platform where independent and small publishers could list their books for sale and avail of an effective sales channel. In response to request by authors who wished to self-publish and required a little assistance along the way, CinnamonTeal was born. Launched in 2007, CinnamonTeal Publishing pioneered the concept of self-publishing services in India. To this day, we continue to innovate with our services, thus ensuring that our authors have the best resources available to them. While we are essentially a support mechanism for authors who wish to self-publish and while we do charge for our services, we are still mindful of our author’s interests. That means you can rest assured that we will work with you to explore avenues to cut costs without cutting corners and to ensure that your book reaches its intended audience. Self-publishing can be fun and we want you to feel that way too!
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