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Bina Raikar

Born in Mumbai, Bina Raikar stays with her family in Vasai. A student of computer science, she is currently working at a prominent IT company . She is very fond of writing, dancing, skating, and playing outdoor games. She has always wished she had an elder brother. That wish, coupled with an imaginary mind and her fondness for writing, prompted her to write this, her first book.



Rs. 200/-
Genre: Fiction

I am Bina Raikar and this is the first book I have ever written.
The book is about a brother. A brother I never had. Although I always wished for an elder one, a wish that was never fulfilled, I wrote this book imagining life if I did have an elder brother. It is an honest imagination, replete with events good and bad, as one imagines they might have happened, acknowledging that while no one yearns for bad events in one's life, one cannot wish them away.

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