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Divya Shree

The Going

The Going

Genre: Fiction
Tag: Short Stories

We all have stories to tell. This one is about me — a person lost both, in the big wide world and in life. I decided to leave my 6-month-old and a caring husband behind and escape. You might wonder why. The train takes me to unknown places, full of strangers and perils. I fall in love, most unusually, in unprecedented circumstances, with unexpected people. It is self-discovery, and enlightening.

The turmoil of fleeing, the strangers, their emotions, the eagerness to master life, the discovery of an inner ego, the dreaded land, the favorable universe against an unfavorable mind — this is what my journey has been about.

Is there an option to return back to the old world or is it too late? Will I return back to where I belong?

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