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Fr. Nascimento J. Mascarenhas

Fr Nascimento Mascarenhas was born in 1940 to Mr Felipe Xavier Mascarenhas and Ana Eufregina Lobo, the youngest amongst five brothers. Ordained on 26th April 1970, Fr Mascarenhas, a talented singer, had to give up singing permanently owing to his poor health issues. But destiny paved the way for prolific writing and a rich heritage for posterity.
The sheer magnitude of his work, the hours spent in endless research and the unlimited patience that is his hallmark make his work commendable. His work is known for its minute details, historical information dug out from different sources, along with skills of describing and detailing with an unmatched finesse. Doubtlessly an avid reader there is no stopping Fr Mascarenhas when it comes to documenting assiduously the written or spoken history of churches, its priests and their parishes. The forgotten lives and work of divine men, hailing from all parts of Goa, are preserved eternally through the works of Fr. Mascarenhas.
A church historian par excellence Fr Nascimento Mascarenhas has won the State award for Literature. His has been a divine call fulfilled!

Unum Presbyterium One Priesthood: Diocesan Priests of the Tiswadi Taluka

Unum Presbyterium One Priesthood: Diocesan Priests of the Tiswadi Taluka

Rs. 1200/-Rs. 1,080/-

Fr Nascimento Mascarenhas wrote his first book, Proclaimers of God's Kingdom - From Goa to Lisboa, Lives of Priests from Goa Archdiocese but living in Portugal, in 2001. Since then he has authored 10 books, and has continued with the same fervour completing this edition of Unum Presbyterium (One Priesthood), which lists Diocesan priests from Ilhas (Tiswadi). The first installment of this series, published in 2014, listed Diocesan priests from the Bardez taluka.

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