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Harish Kumar Sharma

The Psychology of a Man-Woman Relationship

The Psychology of a Man-Woman Relationship

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Genre: Academic

The relationship between man & woman is a crucial one for the welfare of the individual, family & society. Most conflicts, crimes, and social problems revolve around this relationship. A man-woman relationship is central to human civilization. Irrespective of race, religion or culture, this relationship has always set various norms, rules, and traditions. While different conditions do influence relationships, certain basic patterns remain universal. The focus of this book is to unveil the similarities between men and women that join to form the basis of man-woman relationships. Differences based on culture, religion and social structure are equally important to the foundation of a relationship, but since they vary from place to place, they are beyond the present scope of the book. The underlying rules and principles of all these established factors, however, are determined by the basic nature of man and woman. The man-woman relationship is beautiful and complex. It is crucial to observe and discuss relationships from every one of many possible angles. The emphasis on discovering different strategies & mechanisms involved in developing and maintain a relationship is the priority here.

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