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Ipomea Chaudhary

Conviction of Absoluteness

Conviction of Absoluteness

Rs. 250/-

26 is independence of mind and spirit. Just to be. Well settled, in a career and with just in time friends. I live my convictions and not anyone else's dreams. Kehte hain kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai. Arre bina khoye bhi sab kuch mil sakta hai. Ya life lessons do surprise sometimes with a punch in the face or a subtle trip of fate. But I discover life somewhere in between the troughs with a new found avocation, a new dress, an exotic new cocktail, or a new destination to discover till I hit the peek again. No its not what you are thinking. I have grown up, but with my own experiences. And that's when I realised that black isn't always dark, and that even white can have spots sometimes. Haan Haan har kissi ko mukkamal jahan nahi milta. But I don't believe in either or. I believe in all or nothing! Because I have conviction – the conviction of absoluteness!

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