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Jai Mohan

Jai Mohan is a writer and an enthusiastic wildlife and nature photographer. Having lived most of his life in central and northern India, he has spent a lot of time in some of India’s most verdant jungle belts. His love for the wild is evident in his writings. Besides entertaining readers with true jungle tales, some gruesome and some almost unbelievable, his aim is to share the alluring world of Indian jungles with readers and promote greater understanding and, with that, a greater responsibility towards wildlife conservation.

The Vanishing Stripes

The Vanishing Stripes

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In love with India’s jungles and wildlife, where excitement and danger is ever present, the authors bring the jungle, animals, and human characters to life with their unique style of writing. Teeming with memorable characters—such as the cunning man-eating tigress of Achanakmar, Masan Baba, the tantrik who took on a leopard armed with just a pair of tongs, and Baba Sita Ram Das, the sadhu who tended to crocodiles but lost his hand in the bargain—and interspersed with narratives of some British hunters of yore, these real life jungle tales are bound to entertain casual readers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

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