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Kiran Vijayan



Rs. 320/-

Gaurav Kale is back in his hometown Vadodara. It has been three years since he was last here - but old memories continue to haunt him. He recollects the time when he joined a struggling club, Vadodara United Football Club(VUFC); his enmity with the club's captain, Bali; his one-sided attraction towards the hottest girl in college, Shreya; and his best friends Golu, who desperately wants to lose his virginity, and John, the crackpot - all of whom cause havoc in his young adult life. If all this wasn't enough, the impossible struggles of getting a misfit team to gel and work together as the biggest tournament of the year approaches just add to his troubles. As Gaurav reminisces and explores the past, he has to now decide whether to go back to a life he has loved (and possibly, lost) or forget the past and start anew once again.

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