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Kusum Chaudhry

Kusum Chaudhry was born in Ambala, India and migrated to Sydney, Australia in 1973. In her early years, she worked as a teacher in Sydney and then joined the Australian Government Public Service where she worked for over 30 years. Since 1987, Kusum has been supporting local communities as a volunteer Hindi teacher and after retiring in 2010 has taken a more active role in teaching Hindi to students of all ages. Kusum has three children and lives with her husband Jai in Sydney.

My Favourite Hindi Bedtime Poems

My Favourite Hindi Bedtime Poems

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Bright rainbows, fireworks, blossoming springtime flowers and wild elephant rides! Kusum Chaudhry has captured these memories of her early days growing up in India and presented them in this series of poems for children of all ages to enjoy. Fill your dreams every night with these fun-filled childhood memories.

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