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Manish Khanna

Having been born in a middle-class household of Delhi, Manish Khanna lived a relatively uneventful life. He climbed the corporate ladder and is now a senior management professional of a large organization based in Dubai. Considered among peers and friends as an ’emotionally intelligent’ person, he has a keen eye for the more aesthetic aspects of routine events in life and their philosophical interpretation. His extra-curricular interests include writing, commenting on current events, initiating socially relevant activities and music. His next book is a commentary on the socioreligious fabric of India and its relevance for an Indian expatriate.

144 Hours in Prison – An Arabian Saga

144 Hours in Prison – An Arabian Saga

Rs. 500/-Rs. 450/-eBook: Rs. 150/-

144 Hours in Prison: An Arabian Saga describes the harrowing ordeal of Romi, wrongly accused of a crime he has hardly committed.

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