Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

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Welcome to the world of fear, betrayal and suspense...

In ‘The fear factor’, read to know what happens to Neha who is lost in the jungle on a dark, treacherous night, with a predator on her trail.

In ‘The Game’, four friends play Truth or Dare, until it takes a dangerous twist. Their quest for fun and adventure leads them to a night of dread and horror.

Who is the little boy who comes knocking at Maggie’s door on a cold night? Is it only a little boy or is it ‘Death Calling’?

In ‘Strangers’, Richard knocks at an unknown house to escape the fury of a storm blowing outside, unaware of the silent storm brewing inside that could change his life forever.

In ‘The Truth’, Joseph witnesses a girl falling to her death. After a few months, he sees her again. Was she for real or was his mind playing games with him?

These and other stories that will chill your spine...in ways unexpected!

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