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S Jith Thalagvar

Call Me A Loser

Call Me A Loser

Rs. 450/-

This book, which is a compilation of short and some very short stories, is a reminder for all of us to learn from nature. It is nature that often guides us towards tranquility in times of turbulence. As we all compete in the rat race that our lives have become, it is important to understand that letting go is fine at times. It is okay to relax and accept things the way they are.

This book examines various aspects of human nature in an attempt to decipher if man is capable of finding peace in an otherwise chaotic world. With the help of several anecdotes, the book enumerates the various factors that cause stress, while endeavouring to predict if man can overcome stress and live a relaxed and peaceful life. The characters in each of the stories included in this book grapple with their own problems, and it is nature, even human nature, that gives them the strength to move on. All the stories, at the core, have a Taoist influence.

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