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Elephant Tales from Hara Hara

Elephant Tales from Hara Hara
Rs. 150/-eBook: Rs. 99/-
Genre: Fiction and Literature
Publisher: CinnamonTeal Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9789384129828

A beautiful story about a peaceful coexistence between man and beast.

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About the Book
“The mahout walked straight up to his elephant, and for a moment they stood close to each other in silent communication.” The wild elephants of Hara Hara have lived and prospered in a magical world of love and care around the unique village of Salguria since time immemorial. They coexist peacefully with its human inhabitants, who adore these mammoth-sized creatures and shower them with abundant love and attention. Though extremely gentle and peace-loving by nature, the elephants are enraged when their idyllic existence is disrupted by the arrival of ruthless, gun-wielding poachers. The good people of Salguria rally to their aid, as man and elephant join forces to forestall the evil machinations of the poachers.
ISBN (EPUB) : 978-93-84129-10-1
ISBN (MOBI) : 978-93-84129-11-8
ISBN (PDF) : 978-93-84129-12-5

About the Author
Simren Kaur

Simren Kaur is the author of several books of fiction such as The Adventures of Zangbo and Zing Zing Bar, Mystery of the Missing Relic and The Musk Poachers, as well as non-fiction, including Dear Pichy and Mountains of Adventure, published by The Children's Book Trust of India. She has won First Place in their Competition for Writers of Children's books held each year. She recently published her memoir entitled Fin, Feather and Field, a melange of her experiences trekking through the valleys of Sikkim and Ladakh. She lives in Chandigarh with her husband and pets.

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