Ensinando a Brincar – Orientações básicas para qualificação de recreacionistas
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Genre: Academic
Publisher: CinnamonTeal Publishing
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-93-81542-99-6

"ENSINANDO A BRINCAR - Orientações básicas para qualificação de recreacionistas",

"TEACHING TO PLAY - Basic guidelines for qualification of recreators"

About the Book
“ENSINANDO A BRINCAR – Orientações básicas para qualificação de recreacionistas”, “TEACHING TO PLAY – Basic guidelines for qualification of recreators” O livro apresenta Orientações sobre postura profissional, prevenção de acidentes, além de diversas sugestões de brincadeiras e atividades recreativas para diferentes espaços e públicos. The book presents guidelines for professional behavior, accident prevention, and several suggestions for games and recreational activities for different spaces and peoples. 20p/Paperback/5.83×8.27″ Buy Paperback
About the Author
Cassiano Noimann Leal

Cassiano Noimann Leal is also the author of 5 books: “Public Opinion – Reflections of a teacher in a radio program, vol. 1 and 2 “,” Teaching the Play – Basic guidelines for qualification of recreationists “,” Play Button “and” The Rally in the Forest “. A regular on Radio Santa Isabel Viamão Radio-RS and Lomba de Porto Alegre-RS, he is also a member of the International Association of Writers (http://www.writersclubinternational.com), based in Chandigarh (India).

He is a teacher working within the municipal education system of Porto Alegre. He currently serves as the Director of Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Professor Anísio Teixeira.

Cassiano has a Degree in Physical Education from Porto Alegre (2000), a Specialisation in Educational Psychology from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Institute(2002), an MBA in Administrative Management and Marketing for the Brazil Open School (2009) and a Master of Education Honoris Causa by Calamus International University (2010).

Cassiano has also been awarded, among others, a Diploma of Material Services Provided to the City of Sapucaia do Sul / RS, given by the city of South Sapucaia; a Diploma of Community Merit, conferred by the Social Service of Commerce in the State of Rio Grande do Sul – SESC / RS, and the Amabélia Teixeira da Silva Distinguished Professor Award in 2013, conferred by the Clube do Professor Gaúcho, Porto Alegre / RS.