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Microfinance: Roadmap for the deprived

Microfinance: Roadmap for the deprived
Rs. 450/-
Genre: Academics
Publisher: kiwi books
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 186
ISBN: 9789385523663

Microfinance has proven to be an effective and powerful tool for poverty elimination.

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About the Book
Microfinance has proven to be an effective and powerful tool for poverty elimination. Like many other development tools, however, it has inadequately penetrated the poorer strata of society. The poorest form the vast majority of those without access to primary health care and basic education; similarly, they are the majority of those without access to microfinance. While there is no question that the poorest can benefit from primary health care and from basic education, it is not as intuitive that they can also benefit from microfinance, or that microfinance is an appropriate tool by which to reach the people at the bottom of the pyramid. This book accords to a better understanding of different aspects of microfinance. I believe this book contributes in two important ways to the understanding of microfinance: cognition building and current scenario of microfinance in India.The book constructs a critical analysis of microfinance and the developmental understanding and assumptions found within it.
About the Author:
Dr.Sreemoyee Guha Roy is an Assistant Professor in the Morning section in the Department of Commerce in St.Xavier’s College (Autonomous),Kolkata.She is also Guest Lecturer in many other postgraduate disciplines in various other colleges.She has a PhD in Commerce(specialised in Accounting and Finance) from University of Calcutta.Her primary area of interest is Microinsurance,Rural Development,Financial Inclusion, Microfinance, Microsavings and microcredit amongst others.She is also an Associate Editor to two international research journal.She has teaching experience of almost 10 years.She has published over twenty scholarly research paper in various peer reviewed national and international journals.She has also presented papers over twenty-five papers in international and national conferences.She has also received the Best Paper Award at an international seminar.Her debut book “Microinsurance:Including the Excluded” was published in 2015.
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