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Why choose CinnamonTeal?


“’Transparent’, is one word I can use to describe my experience with CinnamonTeal. Everything is detailed in a long e-mail at the beginning of the association and there are absolutely no deviations from what is stated in the mail. It is advised that one reads this mail thoroughly and if needed make notes because it is very likely it would be referred to it quite frequently, occasionally with light admonishment. But as a new author, I found the handholding through the publishing process invaluable. There were aspects that I would have never anticipated or appreciated if not for Queenie’s guidance.

They are patient, trustworthy and diligent in their advice. They care about your work as much as you do and they are based in Goa. In short, tick mark in all my boxes.”

Sanathkumar Pasupathy, Author of ‘The Last SMS and Other Short Stories’


“Choosing CinnamonTeal Publishing was at first a whimsical choice for me. I liked the name – Cinnamon the Spice and Teal the Bird. Besides, they were based in Goa – a place close to my heart.

Sentiments aside, they proved to be an ideal choice to get my book of short stories published through them. Professional to the core yet warm with their advice. They were also honest in their dealings and more genuine compared with some others in the same field. It is obvious that they love what they are doing. They were quick in answering my queries and patiently directed me through the various links in their website.

My books arrived on time. They were perfectly printed and bound including the illustrations.

I now look forward to their marketing of my book with success. And of course will use them again for my next book.”

Wyn La Bouchardiére, Author of ‘Boarding School Buddies – Bizzare Escapades’

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We are mainly focused on helping our authors develop a good book – by providing services related to editing, design, production and packaging, both for eBooks and for paperbacks and hardcovers. While we are a publisher, we do not pay advances nor do we retain any rights to the content of the book. Instead, we guide writers through the book publishing process and help them present the best book possible. Whatever they need along the way, whether editing or cover art, formatting or distribution, we provide.

Having been established in 2007 (that makes us the first in the business, no matter what the others say), we have, over the years, developed an understanding of what authors need and how those needs can be met. This has helped us develop a reputation for producing good books, and for attending to every aspect of the book. We provide every service that will improve your book, and let you decide how you should proceed. So, no frivolous packages or any such thing that may force you to pay for something you don’t need. And no promises to finish your book in a hurry. Your book will get all the time and attention it deserves.

And if that wasn’t reason enough to choose us, here are some more:

  • We ensure that every book meets our exacting standards of style and content. Your book is therefore among worthy peers
  • As the author, you will control all aspects of the design and layout of your book
  • Any assistance you need is only an email away
  • You retain all the rights to your book
  • We will provide you with all the services you need to publish your book. All costs are communicated before you avail of any service (there are absolutely no hidden costs)
  • There are no setup fees or other upfront costs (except the costs of services)
  • You choose the royalty amount (the amount you earn each time your book sells) and receive all of it
  • You can revise your manuscript as many times as you wish
  • There are no constraints on book sizes
  • Your book can be developed in a variety of formats. While hardcover and paperback options are both available for printed books, ebooks are provided in EPUB, MOBI, HTML and PDF/A formats
  • There is no restriction on books with pages in colour
  • Author discounts are available (you can buy your own books at cost)
  • Your book is automatically listed for sale on our online bookstore. Add to that, a host of other distribution outlets
  • Your book never ever goes out of print
  • Overseas publishers and authors can avail of low production and shipping costs (like authors and organizations from over 14 countries have done)
  • Minimum order quantities and large inventories can be avoided when you work with us
  • We offer the traditional (“offset”) printing option for order sizes of 350 or more, resulting in significant cost savings. The exact quantum of savings depend on the number of pages involved and on whether or not the book has coloured pages
  • To discuss further, email us at [email protected]. We are fast to respond.
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