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eBook Production and Sales

We are the only publisher in India, and perhaps among very few globally, that provides you with the tools to not only create beautiful books in print but also eBooks that are equally splendid to behold. Years of experience in this field have made us confident enough to offer ebooks that are also enhanced – with videos, audios and other attributes that make reading a pleasure. Add to that, we have associated with a large number of worldwide distributors to ensure that your book is accessible to buyers. This, in addition to our own platform that makes it easy for you to sell your ebooks and track its sales.


CinnamonTeal makes it easy for you to reach out to a wider audience using beautifully crafted eBooks – whether for use on the iPad, the Kobo. We manually code each book, ensuring that all the snarls associated with automated conversion are avoided. This also means that your book will negotiate the peculiarities of each reading device and be easily viewed on them. Thus you can rest assured of their quality. Further, we will help you make these books available in all corners of the world!


We work tirelessly so that you don’t have to. The result – beautifully produced books that are compatible with almost every reader they are designed for, and appear as close to the print versions as possible. Over the years, we have designed various kinds of eBooks – whether children’s books, cook books, novels or travelogues. In all cases, we have satisfied authors to show for.




We have developed the expertise to produce eBooks in all popular formats i.e EPUB, MOBI, PDF and HTML. This means, by using our services, you can make your book available to almost anyone who reads books on an electronic device, without having to bother about the heavy lifting that such efforts usually entail.


Our website,, makes it easy for you to sell your books online and instantly make your book accessible to a world-wide audience. This platform can accommodate books in EPUB, MOBI, HTML and PDF/A formats. Thus you can upload your own books for sale here, and monitor sales each time one happens.
We have also tied up with worldwide distributors to make your book available on a large number of websites. For more details, contact us by email at [email protected] must be submitted in .TXT, .RTF or .DOC (or .DOCX) formats. Cover images and images and illustrations that appear within the book must be submitted separately in either of .PNG, .JPG, .GIF or .SVG formats. If the source file is submitted in other formats, such as PDF, larger turnaround times will occur and may require additional inputs.

Files can be converted to the following formats:

– .PDF/A (for use on mobile handsets or computer screens)

– .EPUB (for use on most devices including the Sony eReader™, the Kobo™, Nook™ and the Apple iPad™)

– .HTML (for use on both smartphones and personal computers, without the need for any special software to be installed. Click here for an explanation of this format.)

It is important that your manuscript is finalized and completely edited before it is developed as an ebook. Subsequent changes to the manuscript may entail further charges.

Manuscript Length Turnaround Time
Fewer than 40 A4 pages Within 4 days
Between 41-80 A4 pages Within 1 week
More than 80 A4 pages Within 2 weeks

Tasks within the scope of work include a)Insertion of meta data and b)Tagging and linking of Table of Contents and of footnotes, if present. It does not include editing and proof reading of the manuscript. Further, the time taken to actually complete conversion into ebooks will depend on the “kind” of text. The presence of elements such as illustrations and tables lead to larger turnaround times.

Guidelines for submitting the manuscript

The manuscript should be submitted in A4 size, with 1in. margin on all sides. The manuscript should be typed in Garamond 12 with a line spacing of “at least” 13 with the required formatting. Alternately, you may submit a copy of the printed book, although in that case there may be scanning costs applied. It is preferred to have the manuscript submitted in a “non-PDF” format, preferably as a non-formatted .doc file. If the e-book must resemble a printed book, a PDF of the printed version may also be submitted.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use POD to sell on Amazon? Can you help?

What you are probably asking is whether we will list your book on Amazon, print a copy when it is sold, and dispatch that copy to the buyer (i.e. whether we will print on demand). Yes, we do that, not just for Amazon but also for Flipkart and The Dogears Bookshop, and other platforms where we list your book.

How does Print-On-Demand offer a better alternative?

Print-on-demand helps authors and small publishers because they can now print books on an as-needed basis instead of printing a large number of books all at once. This also helps small businesses save money, for instance, on printing manuals and reports. Similarly, print-on-demand makes it possible for publishers to offer older books (back lists) without having to print a large number of copies.

For details on how print-on-demand, in particular, and self-publishing, in general, might be of use to you, see which publishing solution may be applicable to you.

Isn’t POD expensive?

POD implies a higher cost per book, but to appreciate POD, a little knowledge of the economics behind it might help.
Imagine you have written a book and have decided to take the self-publishing route i.e. you have decided to publish the book yourself. You get your book edited, lay out your text, design your cover and approach the printers. You see a market for only 100 copies (for argument’s sake) but your printer says you must print a minimum of a thousand copies (they too can’t help it as small quanities are expensive for them too). The cost of each copy is small, say Rs. 40 per book, but having to print a thousand copies means you have to invest a total of Rs. 40,000/- upfront. You are not sure if all the copies will sell but that is a gamble you are forced to take.
Or imagine you choose to work with us at CinnamonTeal Publishing. Your book is made available for sale on a few online bookstores. When a book is sold on these platforms, the book is printed and dispatched to the buyer using the POD option. Because the buyer has already paid for the book, you, the author, do not have to spend on its printing. In this case, the same book that cost Rs. 40 when printed in bulk might cost around Rs. 120/- when just one copy is printed (using POD technology), but because 1000 copies have not been printed, the author has to spend lesser (Rs. 120 instead of Rs. 40,000/-) and not have to worry about shipping and storage costs, or about whether or not the remaining copies will get sold. Similarly, if you wish to have a few copies of your book for yourself, you do the same – order only as many as required. So if you need just 20 copies, assuming the same cost per unit, you pay only Rs. 2400/-.

How does the quality of a book printed on demand compare to that printed via the offset method?

Print-on-demand technology has continually been refined during the past ten years, and book quality has improved tremendously. Print-on-demand books are indistinguishable from other books printed in large quantities using an offset press. CinnamonTeal books feature color covers, clean graphics, and easy-to-read text. While the quality remains the same, print-on-demand methods costs much lesser than an investment in offset printing (when total costs are compared and small quantities are printed).

What if I need more copies printed?

Simply email us and we will have the required number of copies delivered. Please note that all orders will be processed only after they are paid for in full. The amount will be invoiced to you before the order is processed.
In case of third party orders (such as books dispatched to distributors), the books must be paid for in full before they are printed and dispatched.
We also provide bulk printing services.

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