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Dr Rajesh Bhola

Dr. Rajesh Bhola was born in India in 1958 and has a doctorate in English literature. Having been drawn to the writing profession since an early age, he regularly contributes articles to leading national dailies. He is the President of the Spastic Society of Gurgaon and has been working towards improving the lives of the disabled for more than three decades. The title of the book has been inspired by the one thousand cerebral palsy-afflicted children he worked with and grew deeply attached to during the process of their rehabilitation.

My Thousand Sons

My Thousand Sons

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Genre: Self Help

'My Thousand Sons' is a collection of choicest autobiographical anecdotes advocating spiritual handling of life's daily conflicts and hassles with the aim of living a more meaningful and fruitful life. We live in an age of uncertainty, constantly working towards trying to find one's way out of the labyrinth of life and death, heaven and hell, and bringing an end to our successive cycles of incarnations. But perhaps in doing so, we are losing sight of the real purpose of life.

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