Self-Publishing Services Your Book Needs


That really depends on your book, its structure and intended audience. But let’s keep it simple.

Typically a book requires the following services:

Editing: So that the book reads well, and is free from grammar and syntax errors.

Cover Design: So that the book is nicely presented and has all relevant information.

Page Design (or Interior Layout): So that the book reads well, has a choice of fonts appropriate for the target group, a nicely designed table of contents, and copyright and all other such information.

Printing: Whether in bulk or on demand. The author may also choose to develop e-books at this juncture, along with the printed edition, or without it.

That’s it. That is actually all the book needs to gain a physical presence or be accessible to the buyer. Further, though, there are other services you may wish to consider:

Illustrations: Something you may want if it is children’s book, or if you wish to drive home a point with an illustration.

Indexing: Mostly used for academic texts, available for both, subject and person.

Marketing: Digital marketing services that will help your book capture the market’s attention.

Distribution: So that your book is accessible within domestic and international markets.

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