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Vol 4

Straight from a Child’s Heart – Vol 4

Straight from a Child’s Heart – Vol 4

Rs. 325/-
Series: Vol 4, Book 0
Genre: Fiction and Literature

This book is a collection of 5 stories and 7 poems – another patient narrates her visit to Dr. Palu’s clinic (remember we met her in Vol 3), the Ratra kids (yes, those haughty teenagers and that sweet brother of theirs) and Manish and Manisha go off on their cycles to earn pocket money and the Aeppe series gets replaced by The Mew Chronicles, another nostalgic ride down the lane of childhood. The Throne of Miedue is Shakespearean-like. The Ghost House in Vancouver series continues with Harry, Sanne and Samantha solving a mystery. This book comes back with more poems, in English and for the first time in Hindi too, on a friend, emotions, rules and a search, to name a few.

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